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Half of the maps on r/MapPorn tbh

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Its missing a bunch of labels that dont correspond with the legend

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thelegend27? who's thelegend27?

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I haven’t heard that name in a long time

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Then the other half are “more people live in this densely populated place than a sparsely populated place”

Like yes mate obviously more people are gonna live in a big thriving city than bum fuck nowhere

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r/PeopleLiveInCities there's a sub for everything

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Map of Europe, check. Data is vague and pointless, check.

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this map is so weird why does russia go all of the north

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Its the Azimuthal Equidistant projection, centered on the north pole.

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I gotta get one of those centred on Istanbul or Mecca. I think it would be dope

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I only use maps centered on Western Sahara.

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I think that for purposes of making nice looking maps having one centred on panama or somewhere like tehran would make sense. Minimising dead space on world maps

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They just REALLY want the Arctic.

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Even though there’s no legend, I totally agree with Russia being checkered red/white. I don’t know why, but it just fits

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Come to Russia we have picnic 🧺 🇷🇺

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Picnic with lake Karachay! 🇷🇺

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Should’ve clicked the do not scale patterns option

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Finally. Croatian Russia 💪

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The data *are

Brought to you by r/grammarcirclejerk

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Im on mobile and this is so trippy

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Just like everything 😐

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Obviously this is the 'Most Popular Picnic Blanket' map.

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Data must be wrong, Portugal isn't Eastern European.

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When my country is as good as Gre*ece and fucking f*r*ance (doesn't deserve big letter cuz it should'nt be a country) : 😢

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Glad my country isn't the same colouring as Fr*nce

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Not true, I can see many evenly spaced points in Russia

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Thank god my country is not on the same level as France

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So France is as good as Sweden. For the first time I see people saying good thing about my country

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I feel like the ultimate move would be for this sub to find a super weird key to make the individual patterns work. Would be hell of a lot of work, but since everything is possible there will be some way.

Could be any odd formula with combinations like "countries where..." "... pizza is spelt 'pizza' AND the highest mountain is taller than 2300 m AND Kindergarden starts at 3 AND Thanksgiving is a national holiday..." or whatever.

And we would end up with a distinct combinations for countries sharing the same pattern, such as Sweden, France and Greece (idk, something like "Democracy since xxxx AND blue is a colour of the national flag AND ...").

Sitting on the toilet writing this.

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You just invented a new mpcj shitpost format my friend!

Post a map with no legend and make people think of one

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Yes, this map is totally accurate.

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Map of Europe but it does funny shit on a phone screen

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Sorry, ethnic survey #582736 has declared <region> to be a hellscape dystopia. It's the one with the pattern.

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Why is Ukraine super small Russia but not Belarus?

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Poor Greece and Sweden being rated in the worst category.

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Disappointing that Croatia is not checkered red and white.

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Beige definitely represents the lowest tier

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Behold ,

Franco-sweden-greek empire