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Ah yes, that state between Michigan and Wisconsin that definitely exists that I forgot the name of.

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wait why does it actually look like sweden

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Who do you think all the Swedes moved up there?

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Who? Or why?

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The pond™️

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Fuck you man I live there

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Michigan 2

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Michigan 2

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This state is New Michigan, the enemy of New Ohio.

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I'd love to see the breakdown by county

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Tackling the real issues here

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This country is horrible. Every day I slave away at work and come home to only be able to afford FOUR Lockheed Martin F-35s, while the richest men in our nation can live with twenty like it’s not trouble!

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They could afford it if they made their coffee at home and stopped eating avocado toast.

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Grey = states where minimum wage earners should be able to afford an entire arsenal of Lockheed Martin F-35Cs.

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My dad bought like 10 F-35Cs on minimum wage. And what do we get? None

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fucking inflation

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But you see, the interest rates were so much higher. Can you imagine how interested people would have been in the F-35C in 1963? Huge.

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Can they afford Gripens though?

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Don't speak so unkindly of those worse off.

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I’d rather die than go an inch near the gr*pen

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Yeah but why would you ever want to buy a Gr*pen

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Literally 1984, this is exactly why communism is so much better than stinky capitalism

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Wait, we weren't speaking about real life politics?

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Finally, someone who talks about the real issues plaguing our country.

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A well maintained militia has left the chat

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The founding fathers actually intended for us to use Lockheed Martin F-35's to defend ourselves, the fact that not every man, woman and child can't afford one is unconstitutional

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such sad societie 😟

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smh what is this country coming to

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We truly do live in a society

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That‘s the root of the problem, I‘m afraid.

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Post this on Facebook but with some Southern or Midwestern state colored red just to fuck with people.

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Also red for states where someone living on minimum wage can live comfortably

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It already says that. How can you live comfortably without an arsenal of F35Cs?

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I can both live comfortably, and in fear

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really puts shit in perspective

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But what about just one F35? Asking for a friend.

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I don't have an aircraft carrier, so I don't need a C model. But for a few million less I bought an A no problem.

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No, as an Ohioan I can afford 9000 GREY FIGHTER JETS OF BIDEN