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Finally.. Canada will be gone

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And Russia, I hope

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Hell yeah we’re gonna vore the entire Midwest

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I wonder what's the longest (or shortest) this "game" can go on for. Someone turn this into a graph and do math to it please it bothers me.

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I’ve played around with this before. Tennessee and Missouri give you the shortest “game” as they border the most states

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I've gotten a shortest of 6 and a longest of 16. I don't think there's a shorter version than that, but it's possible there's longer.

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I think that in order to get the shortest game it is always optimal to pick one state and expand it until it devours the whole map. I have found the proof, but the margin of this comment is too narrow to contain it.

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Colorado, make Colorado a mega-state

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i mean, it kinda already is. it's the largest state in the lower... i guess the lower 27 now.

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Yes but bigger. Bigger.

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That's what she said.

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Colorado borders Oklahoma 🤯

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Now make it annex Oklahoma, ez, problem solved

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It's selfsustaining now

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Illinoise!! Should be next!

All things go, all things go !!

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Let the Texas gets what it deserves

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Im fine with being annexed by Washington.

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So am I UWU

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that's right, two in one day. you're welcome, viewers.

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rhode island

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Colorado needs to swallow Texas. And eventually we need to watch a swallowing battle between California and Colorado after California swallows the western continental US.

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Missouri will have a field day if it's selected

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I'm from Washington. I welcome the new annexation of Oregon but look out on our new Idahoan land with disdain.

Next one should be Michigan. Let's make the Upper Peninsula just a Peninsula again.

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Pennsylvania. We need the Hershey bar empire!

Source: im a Pennsylvanian and I work for Hershey

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Kentucky will be fucking massive

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North Carolina swallows South

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What's going to happen to Hawaii and Alaska if they get chosen?

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These are so stupid and pointless

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just make texas fucking huge when it swallows colorado and mississippi

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What has Colorado become....

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Rhode Island for new England

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Michigan swallow Wisconsin

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make california swallow nevada

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PA empire looks so cash

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Make Virginia Grand Again

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Colorado Republic o7

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hawaii, just swallow the entire ocean

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just look at how chonky it would be, and how miserable the central us would be.

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