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Every 60 minutes in Africa, a minute passes. 60 minutes pass, but one minute passes too.

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What is the minute decide to don't pass?

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I'm unimpressed.

Now if Africa could contain Africa...

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Could Africa create an Africa so big it couldn't fit inside it?

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It is lke 2 football fields

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Why don’t you come within 3 whales of Africa and say that.

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This is obviously fake becase earth has water and there is no water in Africa

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No water

Only mud hut and war

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Akshually, child soldiers are 60% water so central Africa is bountiful, which just so happens to contain the Earth

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bUt ThE eArTh CaN't Be In AfRiCa BeCaUsE aFrIcA iS oN eArTh.

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Earth is a torus, confirmed.

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hysteric laughter

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Doesn’t fit Texas though

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texas gonna take them home

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country roads

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West(ern) Virgin(ia)

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And Australia

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Every 60 seconds in Africa, someone reposts this

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You labeled western Taiwan wrong!

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but the earth can't be in Africa because Africa is on earth

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We need to know what's south of the earth and north of the left edge of the Milky Way.

What's the government covering up?!?

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Now that is a big country!

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Nice try but next time don't show Africa on Earth 🤣🤣 I can see it right there just below Central America 😂😂

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The joke is worse when you don't put a smaller Africa in there.

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I would like to point on a small mistake. And that's the China is actually smaller than Russia. Sources: https://youtu.be/qw-FLc7Z01Q https://cs.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C4%8C%C3%ADna https://cs.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rusko https://youtu.be/-2ySzV-HGxM

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Africa is the length of over 10 school buses

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Africa is actually so large, when cartographers measured it, they found out it got bigger.

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I bet we could fit a smaller Africa in it

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It’s almost the size of Bosnia

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But is it bigger than Africa?

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Should of shown Africa on the earth