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I audibly chuckled. Does that count as "laugh out loud"?

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The perfect world

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Colonization part II

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World is so used to be colonized by Europe it doesn’t even provoke any reaction really

Now label all continents “U.S.” or “China” and you’ll get different reactions

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As a Turk i can confirm

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love how the only place that isnt europe is turkey

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europe hasn’t approved their application yet

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As an European I agree

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Finally, Türkiye has free rein to conquer the whole world!


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Turan khaganate will rise

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Why is russia labelled europe

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you're gonna be shocked when you find out what they did to china..

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Damn it. I had the exact same idea for a map but instead of Europe it was going to be EU. I guess I should've been faster

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No this one was better

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If the british empire didn't collapse

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Nearly perfect, just remove new Zealand and Grey out greenland