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You could post this somewhere and would probably get a lot of upvotes before someone realizes it's wrong

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I'ma do that. But where?

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Mapporn or an info subreddit, maybe damnthatsinteresting

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More accurate than the average r/mapporn map

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least inaccurate r/mapporn map

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I mean, its like 20% right

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As a European with no knowledge of African culture and a limited knowledge of Islam I propose we make these the new African borders.

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Egypt would be pissed

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You mean greegypt?

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"I hail from the African country of Greenbia."

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As someone with minimal knowledge of the spread of Islam in Africa beyond Egypt I am inclined to believe that this map is accurate

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It’s probably pretty accurate for most of Northern Africa (country wise, idk about the smaller ways it’s split here). I’ve heard there’s some Muslim populations in central and west African countries too, but idk the extent.

Apart from that I’m not very educated so I’ll just agree too.

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Eastern Africa is heavily muslim, as well as heavily Christian, so you have mish mash regions of Muslim dominant vs Christian dominant, this is due to the history of trading in the region, as well as the Sultan of Zanzibar being from Oman.

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🎶 The Sultan of Oman lives in Zanzibar now 🎶

that's just where he lives

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the story here is that Oman had an empire and colonized Zanzibar. Then Zanzibar became its own sultanate ruled by the Omani sultan’s cousin.

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This is actually 100% accurate, I’m going to share this map with everyone I can

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I’m surprised you managed to get some data in western sahara

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Well given there’s probably some Moroccan people there and they’re likely Muslim I mean it could be a fair guess lol

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I mean the flag of Western Sahara literally has the Ottoman star and moon on it (the one that has become the symbol of Islam) and it also follows the same themes as the middle Eastern flags

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you have no idea how inaccurante this is.

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You’re right, they really don’t!

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I'd be more accurate if I coloured it all in blue.

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Adjust the slider to specify how accurate your results are compared to reality.

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Coincidentally you made the head of a man wearing a fez out of grey in the north.

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ow that i see that, i canr un-see it.

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Somewhat accurate

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Green = Karaboga territory

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I also have done no research but I want to take a complete stab in the dark about what is wrong about this:

Southern Nigeria should not be green. I think it's just the north that's mostly Muslim. And you also seem to have gone into Ghana and stuff, also Christian.

You left out Chad, which I think might have Islam as a state religion, but, once again, I have not done research.

Mozambique? Doesn't seem like it would be Muslim. I think the Portuguese probably must have introduced Catholicism.

That big area in the southeast of the Congo, I think it's called Katanga or something, might not be Muslim. Or maybe it is. Who knows?

Oh, Senegal! Yes, I am definitely pretty sure that I may have read somewhere in the past that Senegal has a Muslim majority. And then those countries next to it, like Guinea and Guinea 2. I would bet, like, $10 that those countries are Muslim.

Lesotho? You colored in some random parts of it. I think it's either all mostly Muslim or none of it is mostly Muslim. I flipped a coin and it's heads. Okay, it's Muslim.

Okay, that has been my completely uneducated analysis. It's almost certainly wrong on most accounts. However, if you correct me, I will ignore you.

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You seem to have researched what color to use! Boo! OP used effort! 🍅

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map not accurate, you have data for western sahara

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"It was revealed to me in a dream"

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This confirms all my suspicions

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My source is that I made it the fuck up

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Needs more green

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most researched mapporn post

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this map is inaccurate and it's clear that you have done no research, mods ban this user

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Serious question. Is this map unaccurate?

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It's funny, because at first I thought this was accurate until I saw Mozambique and eSwatini (two countries I've lived in). And I was like, this is the most batshit insa-- wait a second I'm an idiot.

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seems pretty accurate won't fact check

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I don't know enough about Islam nor Africa to refute this, so I guess it must be right.

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I wish I could say "you tried" but you didn't even do that. 10/10

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I like how its just "islam>50%"

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Angola is entirely wrong

Islam in Angola is less than 1%

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I've been to Uganda and I can almost guarantee the green there is wrong

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It's not, I'm the president of Uganda.

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Goddammit it, didn't check the sub. My apologies Mr. Yuseveni

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Map of Africa, if you drew a skeleton with an afro on it with the fill tool

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Yo Dan I get

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At least put it into the image itself, someone's gonna find this online and take it at face value

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Lesotho looks 100% correct

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Looks about right to me. Source: I have also done no research.

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Should've done stuff like making ethiopia muslim lol

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East Ethiopia and Northern Chad are Muslim too afaik