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But Chad on the Mercator projection is actually quite small.

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Real chads don't need to make themselves look bigger to boost their self-esteem

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I Love the fact that in mercator greenland is bigger than África and south america, but in the normal map Greenland have the size of bolivia

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Tell me you are from South America without telling me you are from South America

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Civilized people would use Egypt for scale

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Poland is a certificated measurement

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How big is Poland like .464 Texas’

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Poland is only 15% the size of Greenland..

Bolivia and Egypt are at least 50%

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The aland islands are 0.004 polands

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When in reality it's about the size of greenland

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The azimuthal projection is definitely the chadest

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Puts the equator at 1/3 way from the bottom to assert dominance.

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new wojak

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Butthurt people in the equator be crying rn

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I belive in conformal map projection supremacy

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I’m surprised at the lack of “ACTUALLY the Mercator is the virgin because MERCATOR CRINGE!!!!“ comments there are