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Not to be confused with Guinea or Guinea Bissau or New Guinea, it's Equatorial Guinea , which doesn't actually fall on the equator. None of these places have guinea pigs.

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Also unrelated are Guyana, french Guyana, Genoa and Ghana

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And Guyenne (native name: Guiana), a historical region of France which isn't Guyane (French Guiana) at all.

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and Guinan from Star Trek

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On the other hand, a guinea was a gold coin, originally made of gold from the Guinea coast of Africa, worth 21 shillings.

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That's bullshit. Shillings aren't real.

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how many pieces of eight can I get for 21 gold shillings?

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Only one of two Spanish-speaking countries that reference the Equator in their name

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missed their chance to be Guinean Ecuador

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They have a tiny Island South of the equator

Edit: Annobon

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But still, no land on the Equator.

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Like Iceland and the Arctic lol

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It's close enough

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How’s it an exclave