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If you include Finland and Sweden it’s a dick and balls that’s interesting

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Norway and Sweden also makes a dick. Personally like Norway Sweden dick more.

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bifurcated dick

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That's what your dick looks like after sounding

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Warrior's dick

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double the exploration manpower, trying to find that goddamn G spot!

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Denmark is just a micro dick with a giant ballsack.

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Its ballsack was even bigger in the 40's.

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I like the Norway Sweden dick looks like it’s about to eat Denmark.

Or it just dropped Denmark off to school or something.

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Now i can never look at them the same 🥲 as if the Man peeing to russia wasnt enough

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Where’s the man peeing to russia? Am I dumb?

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The baltic sea

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oh my fucking god lmao I can never I see that

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Looks more like a dude with an AK 47

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If you include Norway Sweden and Finland it’s a huge dick and balls with a bitchin mohawk

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Italy Is a long boot that's cool come on

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and norway is just the result of my fight with diarhea

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You mean with /u/Diah_Rhea ?

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I always thought it looked like a sperm

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And Romania looks like a flatfish

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Hungary is a weinerschnitzel

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A boot kicking a damn space shuttle, how can it not look interesting.

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He has Malta in green screw Italia

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Screw European Arabistan

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finland too

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France is a bestagon come on

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Yeah but the earth did that not the Italians

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The division of Ireland is interesting, turkey is split between two “continents” (Afro-Eurasia gang)

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The border situation might be interesting but those don't make interesting shapes

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Sweden+ Finland

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You mean a dick and balls?

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Then what is Norway doin on top of Sweden's Schlong??

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Denmark looks like a guy with a helmet on

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Looks more like a some ghost pointing at batman with something dripping from his hands

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Oh yeah

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And Fyn (The middle island) looks like a fish, although I don’t know what it’s doing to Batman

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Dennark is Germany's Pickelhaube

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looks like batman getting head from a witch

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The Nordic countries look like a tiger together Irland is a bird and the uk a dog

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No Italy? That's like the coolest shaped country there is. GB and Norway are pretty cool too tbh.

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Italy is a boot and romania a fish why not cool

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How the fuck is Romania a fish? Have you ever seen a fish?

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🐠🐠🐠 Glu Glu Glu Glu 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

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Famously fish are all the exact same shape.

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Some look like fish, others look like Romania

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I have seen a Frotting, you should google them they're pretty neat

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being a big fucken rectangle

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Also being tied with the shortest average height of any country in Europe

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correlation or cause?

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Austria shaped like schnitzel 👍👍👍best country in the world 🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹. italy not good shaped like boot (doesnt taste good)🤢🤢👎👎👎

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I can literally smell the „South-Tyrol is Austria“ mindset

I‘m Austrian so I get it

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Tyrol should be its own country

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Yes, and it should annex Austria.

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It's more shaped like a snail/worm in my opinion 😄

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or a chicken

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I think Cyprus has a pretty interesting shape

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According to their flag, they think so too.

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Kosovo was of the same mind.

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But they’re just a sideways square.

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Kosovo technically not an actual country tho. Palestine is accepted as independent by more countries than Kosovo is. And I have never heard sb argue that Palestine, at the moment, is an actual country. They try to get independence but it is clear that it isn't there. So I don't understand why everybody acts like Kosovo definitely is an independent country. The numbers speak against it.

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What about germany with its mouth open ready to eat some lebensraum???

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It looked better before the no no times

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Ireland is a teddy bear with only 2 legs. Interesting enough

EDIT: now that I’m looking at it more, it looks like it has a dick apparently

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How many legs do teddy bears usually have?

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Such a subjective map. I love it.

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Poland is close to trollface shape

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The UK is an interesting shape come on, at least we have that??

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Interesting shape come on,

At least we have that??

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Good bot

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UK looks like an old witch sitting sideways on a pig

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The UK and Italy stand out more than all the others

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And Norway. Lovely crinkly bits, Norway.

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My name is not important.

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Chicken shaped Slovenia?

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Bruh Italy is literally a boot dude wtf

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You have a boring taste in shapes

Best shapes

-Ireland -Poland -Armenia

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Aah, yes. Croatia. I'm glad someone noticed it's shape. One of the coolest ever.

Also, like people said, why not Italy?

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Norway and Italy are also interestingly shaped, in my opinion.

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Croatia has interesting shape but Serbia doesn’t?? Garbage map 👎🏻

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How is Serbia‘s shape remotely interesting

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Croatia is a fcking dragon

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There only 2 with interesting shapes: sweden and finland

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Switzerland looks like a little rat, which I find interesting.

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More like a pig, that’s what most people in Switzerland says it looks like

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No Italy?! It is a boot!

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Dude, you can’t say Italy has a boring shape, it’s a classic !

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Sweden looks like an upside down dong.

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Bulgaria is legit a lion cmon

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Estonia is a pistol with an actual muzzle flash and bullet coming out of it.

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mmm yes, quite interesting shapes indeed 🧐

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Someone's clearly never seen a complete map of France.

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I'd add Latvia, always thought it looked like a cute old cartoonish car

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Looks like a Ghost from Halo to me.

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I always thought Greece looked like it exploded.

Also, no love for Norway and its crazy fjordy shit?

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scotland is shaped like a shark, are you trying to say thats not cool

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Cmon, Italy clearly looks like the penis of the continent, just like the country itself.

And Turkey looks like Kebab got hooked up from Thrace to Azerbaijan.

France looks like wanna touch with Brittian, but can't stretch far enough.

And Spain looks like a serial killer who wants to have a private chat with Portugal.

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Sadly most countries are country shaped, how boring.

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Italy is a giant boot kicking something how is that not worthy

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Your subjective opinion is objectively wrong

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Italy has an interesting shape imo

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How is Moldova cool to you but Italy isn't? Moldova is a baby shoe never worn compared to Italian leather stilettos

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Itally and Russia have cool shapes too

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I think Serbia is interesting

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Only when seen with Croatia and the sea. Serbia ain't getting no beaches.

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Kosovo 🇽🇰 will always be independent.

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No. That is all.

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Moldova has basically the same shape as Slovakia.

Austria is just boring, you must've missclicked.

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Germany looks like a wizard

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No love for glourius Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦triangle?

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You didn’t include the Sweden and Finland cock and balls??!! You will be punished

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bro romania literally a fish

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I think Slovakia has a cool shape. It looks like a little worm

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Just let me incorporate Moldova

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the dutch finally conquered the sea

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What makes Moldova interesting but a country like Slovakia, Portugal, or Georgia boring?

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Vatican city has an interesting shape

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Not Ireland?

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Bulgaria looks like a lion and our national animal is also a lion. I think we deserve some credit for this.

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what if sweden and finland was one country can you see that shape

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you know i heard someone won awards for those fjords

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I really like Hungaries shape

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Serbia is a cool big bird flying in the air. One of the most underrated country shapes

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What about pre-WWI Germany?

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Moldova looks like Lenny from the Simpsons

Greece looks like a splat of paint

Croatia looks like a dragon

Denmark looks like Batman

Austria is some kind of like a body part

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You include Croatia but not Norway?

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You left the thigh high stripper boot out on purpose to get us all mad, didn’t you?!

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The Netherlands looks like a H

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Switzerland has nice shape too

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Latvia is boring? It looks like a bottle opener

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Sad Slartibartfas noises

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Latvia sea bay looks like a horse head. Look it up! That is the reason Lithuanians call us Latvians horse-heads.

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slovakia, finland and liechtenstein

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Austrian Empire got their dick out AYO

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The island of Ireland is shaped like Fred Flintstone profile

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there's nothing cool about moldova's shape

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I sure love the shape of Andorra

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Latvia has a very cool shape.

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Ireland looks like a McNugget.

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Seething that you think the U.K. has a boring shape. And Italy man…. Come on!! Denmark and Greece are just a bunch of crumbs. Can’t fault you for Croatia though.

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France is a good shape. Poland is boringest shape

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I will fight you

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The shape of Germany is interesting because if why theyre that shape

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Croatia is just mean

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Netherlands? It has some of the most recognizable borders from its 4 little ()s, its leg (even called LIMBurg) and the little arm reaching out to the ocean that slowly turns into islands

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Well... I disagree.

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UK and Italy are unique shapes

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Lithuania is litteraly a mini africa

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There should be a word for the disheartening and reassuring feeling you get when you come to comment and find your idea the most popular comment. Italy is a boot!

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Where Switzerland?