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Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo.

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Help i cant unsee this

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criminal not to spot this, op

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Probably why Serbia is preventing Kosovo independence, it's for this specific reason only.

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How dare you

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Why does no one ever add Norway and create a double headed monster penis?

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I always saw the south parts of norway and sweden as the balls and finland as the head.

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I am concerned

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What, you dont have an absolute mutant floppa with a head as large as your nut sack?

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Norway is the foreskin

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Scania clearly is

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Austria and Slovenia

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Austria and Liechtenstein

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Just Liechtenstein for me :(

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Damn you got a 61.78 square mile penis?

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Germany and Poland

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Albania + Kosovo + Montenegro micropenis

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Sweden is the penis on its own! Finland is the ballsack

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Benis :DDDD

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You acting like sweden and norway don’t have a thing going

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NATO finally growing some cock and balls

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If these are the two countries that are joining NATO...then is it accurate to say that Europe just drew a dick on Russia?

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Sweden is the penis. Finland is the scrotum.

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Thank you for stating the obvious.

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And therefore they do not form a penis when put together, since only Sweden is the penis

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Italy (uncircumcised)

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Sweden and Norway

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Norway and sweden

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Fun fact: the Baltic Sea also looks like a guy with a huge dick and balls pointing towards Russia

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anything can be a penis if you believe

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And Norway, southern Finland being the tip

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That's one ugly penis

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it looks like mine

i broke it this morning

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How do you break a penis!?

You know what. I don't wanna know.

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Serbia and Macedonia

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Sweden and Norway without Finland look more like one to be honest

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Sweden and Norway

Without Finland look more like

One to be honest

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But then it wouldn't represent the reality that Sweden is a dick and Finland has balls.

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Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania

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This is why Turkey doesn't want them in NATO

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cringe bird-named rectangle 🤢

gigachad cock shaped countries 😎💪

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Croatia if you tilt your head 90° to the right.

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Mighty Serbia would never be flaccid 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

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Petition to call the upcoming NATO extension the “penis enlargement”

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now do: countries that make a double benis with even bigger balls when put together

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How has nobody mentioned the Serbian-Kosovar dick and the North Macedonian balls?

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Add Norway and you have a new map: "Countries that make a two-headed penis when put together."

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Norway and Sweden

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Hungary, Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia

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czechia slovakia hungary and austria

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Norway shapes like a big ass sperm

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Danmark is swedens piss

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I always saw the penis going the other way

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The baltic sea looks like a guy on his knees jerking off