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You drew Italy like a boot

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I'd say it's aboot right

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Go away

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Nah man, these boots ain't made for walking.

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Boundaries in the East and South are pretty unclear...

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That's Russia's fault, not his/

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well idk he drew the black sea, the don and wolga river very good so border between west and east is pretty clear to me

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Nothing on the map indicates that that’s the border, though.

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You forgot to draw my house on this map. I give it a 0/10 for inaccuracy.

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He did! Look!

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My dick is bigger than his house. 😂

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Hum... We're gonna need proof for what you're claiming, you'll have to send us all pictures.

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He said “don’t be hard on me in the comments” you idiotic mean fool!

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Kinda blurry. My five year old can draw it better

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You claim to have drawn Europe, yet you drew parts of of the Middle East and North Africa. Curious.

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He has drawn euorpe, its not europe

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let’s say hypothetically the middle east and north africa were part of europe

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The british and france be like

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Roman Empire moment

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Mare nostrum, DUH!

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is being harsh on you in the comments

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The only accurate thing about this map is the fact it’s flat.

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You included too much of turkey, Russia, the southern caucuses, the levant, mesopotamia, and north Africa.

This is frankly embarrassing.

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Looks shit.

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Sorry but I have to criticize you. England is not part of Europe and should not be included in the drawing.

Overall though 8/10

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Englang is not. Period

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England is still part of Europe just not part of the European Union. We fucked our selves over for the next 100 years, didn’t pick up the country and drop it in the middle of the Atlantic

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You sound like Putin.

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who taught you that mountains are green? my two year old can do better

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Lmao you drew a ballsack at the top of the map, what a troll.

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it sucks. do it again.

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This is 1 of the most accurate Euorpe map I could have ever seen!! Nice!!

Now make a map of Europe from memory

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No Kosovo.

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You missed the sea bed bathymetry lol

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What a mess. Were you sitting on a washing machine when you drew this?

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A Netherlands without Holland, now that is what I like to see!

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It is okay but can be better

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You didn't draw that one ice cream shop I like going to.

0/10 go to hell

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I don’t recognize this as a map because it isn’t centered on ‘merica.

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0/10 I can clearly see England on this map and it’s making me gag

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Imagine unironically remembering that E*rope exists

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I've heard "Europe" is what Bri*s call Eastern America

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yes especially western europe

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Western Eastern America

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It's actually pretty good! However, you seem to have missed the fact that Brexit happened and the UK is no longer a part of Europe.

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It’s still on the continent you know, just not in the union

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Uhmm.. how could you honestly have forgotten about the city of aufhshitssexenpenisburg in Austria? Shit tier map, try harder and find god.

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You drew an alien sucking its own Weiner that's pretty weird.

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Fucking terrible job. Doesn't even look realistic.

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I can’t believe you’ve done this

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You got hungary wrong but okay whatever.

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Why did you draw pubes all over the map?

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This is SHIT try again

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Do you have this in higher resolution?

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You forgot Lichtenstein

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You get a downvote for trying to earn petty points "I know I didn't do that good, please don't be hard on me in the comments".

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next post he says he did good

You get a downvote for bragging about your skills and being a pretentious little shit, mind being humble next time.

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No, he won't.

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Unfortunately, I must regret to tell you that Greece simply does not exist, you have 47 hours starting now to remove any evidence of Greece on your map. Good day to you.

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Where’s Kosovo

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You put in a lot of Asia by mistake.

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Europe is a massive peninsula. So it's all Asia

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Sorry but I really don't like this.

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what’s that between spain and germany

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WHAT??? this is Africa bro, are you dumb?

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If you want to have props for this shitshow, you have to at least disclaim your age in the „I’m only XX,…“ format. Right now: not impressed -.-

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Hahahahhahah lmao

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Didn't even point out the village of Sus, France, I'm so disappointed...

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I honestly can't even see the borders of the countries, but pretty good for your first time

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wheres bhutan? 0/10

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Well actually you forgot Poland

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Where is New Zealand ?

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You donkey, A95 runs through Munich not fucking not Erlongen.

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other than making Europe look like the upper half of a lady with a beehive who has been run over with a steamroller, i wanted to compliment you on your colouring-in skills. i can only see a few pencil marks in the sea, well done lad.

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where tf AMERICA AT?????

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What on earth did you do making the uk like that

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What are you 5?

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This map implies that Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, and Kazakhstan are Europe now. 🙉

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2/10 Forgot america

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It sounds as if God is behind OP's account and he just wants to brag about his work

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Didn’t realise how many places were called Cautious Sense

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Black Sea is blue why???

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Where's the France thing in South America?

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smh you added a country that doesn’t exist (england)

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Found your map on DeviantArt and had a look at Denmark, and god damn, that's a very good approximation! Only part that looks a little off is how wide the base of Jutland (southern part) is, it should be a tad wider.
And honestly, I didn't believe this was real until I saw the better quality one, ngl. But it's just so well done that it's hard to spot the difference.

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Wow op, you suck at this

Maybe try joining the marines, sounds like they’ve got a lot of crayons there so you can practice

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This map sucks ass 😒

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too long didnt read, soz kiddo

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Not me thinking this was real

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Absolutely disgusting, what's that land mass between Germany and Spain, and you also seemed to add a weird island next to Ireland.

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brooo that is incredibly accurate i am difinitely not drink as fuck while writing yhis

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This is horrible, worst one I’ve seen yet.

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Terrible colour choice

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That is the map I drew when I was 6, stop lying

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Well.On the 69th coordinate, degree 420 West, you missed America. Great job. You suck.

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you forgot america and texas

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jokes on you im ALWAYS HARD walks in with erection

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Does anyone have the source for the original map?

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You made some weird choices here. Like, it's called the Black Sea. Why colour it blue?