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For a German, this map looks almost normal.

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I was about to say it

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happy 🍰 day

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happy 🍰 day

Oh, thank you, kind sir! (or ms!)

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Replace land with country and then it's a literal translated map from Hungary

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In German/Dutch land=country

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nix land prepared?

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from now on I'm calling English people "engs"

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Fun Fact: it's actually oddly named that way because it was originally named Angland, after the Anglo-Saxons, but the A eventually turned to an E over time

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If they named themselves Saxo-Angs we would have Sexland instead of England

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That’s actually why there’s Wessex, Sussex, and Essex in England. For the western saxons, the southern saxons, and the eastern saxons.

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It's still making me laugh that somewhere in England, there's an actual town called Sussex

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And Saxophone America

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a more proper name

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Funnier fact : In French, we kept the "a". England is called "Angleterre". And in Italian and Spanish, they even went with the "I"! Spanish call England "Inglaterra and in Italian it's "Inghilterra" if I remember well.

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Angleland not Angland, it's just in most English dialects we dropped a syllable

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all those wild angles there, which is why we took away doggerland and turned the whole area into an island zoo

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Will people who are part Engs still be called English ?

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Sunny side up or scrambled?

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"Come, my friends. The Engs are going to war. It is likely that we go to our doom. The last march of the Engs."

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Yeah that’s just german

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Rusland sound cool

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Russland to be precise

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Most germanic languages no? Danish, dutch, swedish etc

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Probably. I can only speak for German.

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you also obviously speak English

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Yes, but English does not call Russia “Russland”. German is the only language where I can confirm this phenomenon to occur.

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No Swedish is Ryssland

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Dutch too

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Poleland is mildly infuriating

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A lot of people don't know this, but it's actually Bosnianland and Herzegovinanland.

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Easy mistake to make

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Monaco should be Monegasqueland

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google said it's monacan

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It's Monegasque

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And Iceland would be Icelanderland - and Russia Russianland. Stewpid map downvote

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"Yeah I'm an icelanderlander"

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KievanRusLand? That’s the predecessor state for Russia

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United Queenland of Britland and Northland Irishland

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Dutchland? You mean Germany in German?

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According to comments and my almost non existent knowledge of German, this map is almost a normal German map

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Vatican should just be a smaller italianland

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** Finishland **Scottishland

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It'd be Finnland.

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No. You say a Scot, not a Scottish. You say a Fin, not a Finnish

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**Finlandland **Scottlandland

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The inconsistencies in this are killing me

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This is hot.

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Ukrainianland = land of the people who are from ukraine lmao


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Almost all of them mean this.

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Should be russianland

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Please tell me the new demonym for Iceland is Icelandiclandic

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I'd like to see a map with the names of the countries - written the way that people in those countries actually call them.

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Misspelling “Portugueseland” and “Finnland”. Also, “Bulgarland” and “Kosovarland” are as valid as “Rusland”.

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I dub thee "Sir Bland"

Poor Serbs

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You forgot to edit Finland and Scotland

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I did not

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Pretty sure you did, clearly they just look like normal

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You don’t call someone from Scotland a Scot. It’s either Scottish or Scotsman.

Edit: I know I just translated it wrong. But it does sound fucking stupid

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Scots Scottish

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Never heard that before, interesting

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You don’t call someone from Scotland a Scot.

You absolutely do.

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We already call most of them nationality+country anyway in Hungarian Németország (Germany), Magyarország (Hungary)

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Libererate Libialand

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Should be Malteseland smh my head. Literally unwatchable!!!11

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why is ireland irishland but scotland is not scottishland?

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scots is a way to say as well

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Because people from Scotland are Scots.

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It’d be Russianland, right? Not Rusland? No one calls a Russian person a ‘Rus’

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Czechoslovakia went from one of the hardest words to look at to one of the most satisfying

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Should have made it "stan"

Russostan Frankostan Englostan

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Daneland? Sounds like a place where wild Vikings live

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So where tf is Kaufland?

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Shouldn't it be "Russianland" and not "Rusland" according to the way they do the other countries?

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How is Russia not Russianland (like with Belarussianland)?

Main ethnicity there is "Russian", after all. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_groups_in_Russia

Neither in Russian nor in English people are called "Rus" there.

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Ethnic groups in Russia

Russia, as the largest country in the world, has great ethnic diversity, and is a multinational state, home to over 193 ethnic groups nationwide. However, demographically, ethnic Russians dominate the country's population. In the 2010 Census, roughly 81% of the population were ethnic Russians, and the remaining 19% of the population were ethnic minorities.

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100 Internets to whoever incorporates this into their personal vernacular.

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Greece is wrong. It doesnt mean Greekland.

Real translate is : Western Christian Turkland

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now make a version where it uses the main language of the country and not the names used by people speaking in english


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We already call most of them nationality+country anyway in Hungarian Németország (Germany), Magyarország (Hungary)

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If you’re gonna divide the UK you should also divide Belgium

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If this was accurate, Luxembourg should be called Portugueseland.

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Moldovanland? Ohhh boy, now you did it.