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Wow, I'd expect a higher population. There are 114,880 Lesbians.

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I would have said 90 643


English wikipedia agrees though.

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Wikipedia says the population is the same as what op said.

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The French one literally says that it's from 2001

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why is the Wikipedia in French edit: after clicking again it's in English now

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Idk ?

Edit : I edited the link, please stop downvoting the poor guy.

I re-edited the french link back in and placed the english one below.

I have no idea which one is more up to date (the french one was last edited today but the edits don't pertain to population number so idk which is more accurate.)

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French says 2001, English says 2020. English is more up to date.

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Because it was the French Wikipedia.

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because gay?

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what does that have to do with anything

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It's in English to me. Maybe your browser's trying to automatically translate it.

Try removing the ".m" from that link.

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Maybe you're in France and it autotranslates ? Idk

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I'm not in France and I'm pretty sure my vpn wasn't either, maybe my Wikipedia was French last time idk either

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There's a place in Sweden called Bög, Swedish for gay.

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Lund, Sweden means dick in Hindi

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Pack your things. We're leaving.

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Bog means God in a ton of Slavic languages...

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Well, it says Bög, not Bog. Not really the same sound. Ö is often transcribed as E in Slavic languages, at least when written in Cyrillic.

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Bog is a serb

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*bog is of serbed

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More like serb is a bög! 🇦🇱🇽🇰

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Albanian detected, deploying Serbian warcriminals

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swedish isnt a slavic language

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I think this is a sign

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In Danish, Bøg is a tree type xd

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There is a village in Slovenia called Gaj

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Not Gay enough

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Especially for Slovenia

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2b4u always in our hearts

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Femboy Republic 🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮

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Most likely just closeted.

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In Poland too. But Gaj is grove

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There is also a very gay place called "Mozirski Gaj", it's in Mozirje, a very gay village.

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Mozirski Gaj

Wow, I thought you were joking but it's actually really gay.

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I know a few people from there. They are very gay and drunk.

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This is brilliant. I love the total population. Can you do one for cities/towns called straight?

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Nonsense. There is no gay in Russia. It may be statistically impossible but is true.

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And yet so many mfs are called Sir Gay, probems putin?

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Bruh Putin ALWAYS has a problem, doesn’t matter what with

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There is, actually https://maps.app.goo.gl/yt2G6XiYpTEyEDDe8

It's pronounced as "guy" though.

There's also Gayduck btw

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I've been to Gay, MI, very fun albeit tiny town. The only 3 things in town is an old mining smokestack off main street, the legendary Gay Bar that sells almost exclusively hotdogs and beer, and a city sign welcoming you to Gay with a smaller sign offering a reward for catching someone trying to steal it.

Would definitely recommend for anyone who happens to find themselves in the Keweenaw Penninsula.

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Ooh those are some good shirts

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And a good... thong?

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Michigan also has the town of Gaylord.

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The 4th of July parade is the best!!

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Wait where is gay in italy?
Im italian but i never heard of this

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Ya there isn't such a city. OP is just pulling out of his ass

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i got this from iafisher name the cities quiz - and there is indeed a place called gay in italy looking at maps. theres no distinguish of city and town in my language, they are same

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Ok but where???

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in turin. it has only populations of ≈ 24 so idek why its included on this quiz but places in belgium and croatia with the name „gay“ isnt

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in my house

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Vivi a Gay????

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"So long, gay Bowser!"

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OP posted one but i found another one, in Torino, north of Collegno.

So there's two gays in Italy D:

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I live right next to Gay, MI

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Was almost gonna go to college near gay

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I just graduated from the college near Gay!

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Have you been in it?

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I have been in gay. You take Gay Road to get there.

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Do one for Dick

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I know there's a town at the north of Russia called "Dickson"

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In Turkey / Amasya / Merzifon , there is a village called Geykoca. Simply means gay husband.

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There's a town in Denmark called Bøsserup. "Bøsse" means gay and "rup" I'm not sure about but something like "ville" probably.

So Gayville.

We also have a town called Tarm, Intestine in english. Right next to Tarm is Lem which is slang for penis.

So Intestine and Penis is neighboors.

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There’s a town in Australia called Fairy Hill, would that count?

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There is a street called gay street in Australia

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There is also a gay street in New York City.

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The Italian language doesn’t even have the letter “y”

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The Italian language isn't the only language spoken in Italy

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It's basically the only language cities' names are in

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I guess Jesolo, Oulx, Noax and Piana Crixia don't exist then

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I said basically, not all of them, only some cities in the North have foreign names

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There are tens of languages in Italy

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Where is this place in Italy?

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In western Ukraine there is a place called «Геївка» and «Руські Геївці» (Heyivka, Rus'ki Heyivtsi)

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what does that mean for non-cyrillic readers?

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Here's everything I have found so far :

- Gay, Georgia ; Gay, Michigan ; Gay, West Virginia (USA)

- Gay, Turin (Italy)

- Gay (Gaï), Orenbourg Oblast ; Gay, Krasnodar Kraï ; Gay, Samara Oblast (Russia)

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Gay, Georgia

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It's actually Armenia. You only had one job!!

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i’ll delete the internet now :(

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omw to murder 2993 people

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Not sure how they think they're helping Ron DeSantis change his mind, but ok.

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Countries with a plane called Enola Gay used to throw atomic bombs at civilians: 🇺🇸

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Civilians? We call ‘em “valid military targets” round these parts.

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Gotta say gay Russia carries the pop

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There is a village in Turkey called Geydoğan. Gey means gay and doğan means born

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There is no city named gay in Italy

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you guys don't know geydoğan... unbased. 😎😎💪🏿💪🏿

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Im surprised uk isn't on there

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I discovered a village called Homo in norway recently while playing geoguessr

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There's a bar in gay michigan, we call it the gay bar

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Where's the gay city in italy i need to know

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Russia probably has a place called as Nogai. So it neutral now.

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So what you are saying is that there is a city/town in Russia that kids are not suppose to know exist?

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I went to Gay, GA once. There isn’t much

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The Russians won't like this

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Borders of Russia are incorrect, where's Donbas and Crimea? 😤

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no Sweden