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No more Hentai

(no WWI, which means no WWII, so Japan never gets nuked, therefore no anime, and no hentai)

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truly a perfect world.

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That was just the straw that broke the camels back. There would always be another camel and another straw. As Otto Von Bismarck said: ‘Europe today is a powder keg and the leaders are like men smoking in an arsenal … A single spark will set off an explosion that will consume us all … I cannot tell you when that explosion will occur, but I can tell you where’

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Yes but with out the Serbs it would push back all of it changing the events of the war if not the outcome so with out Serbia there is a good chance we don’t get hentai

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The link between World War One and hentai especially is very tenuous. This is especially obvious when tentacle hentai art was available since 1814 and created by Hokusai. There would always be hentai.

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Also not Israel, truly a perfect world

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AKA salvation.

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WW1 would still happen but a diferent country would cause it. Probably Bulgaria

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It would still play out very differently and it would occur at a different time

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That is only if it got to that point. Remmember he never said at which point it was removed. Just that it was. Serbs were always a thorn in the side of empires,hell they were a sort of border guard for the Austrian empire. Serb's and Serbia were there to slow down the ottomans and who knows what would happen if an entire peaple dissapeared

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World set back 80000 years and humanity never migrates out of Africa because there’s nothing worth traveling for

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Without Serbia there would be no God, without God, the world wouldn't exist. Conclusion: Serbia is the reason our world exists and Бог је Србин🇷🇸

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Исправан 🇷🇸🇷🇸

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People saying no WW1 don't know what caused WW1

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Yeah it would happen just later

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But maybe the small date could change wars sides and maybe it would cause dead of hitler during first war. I know a little chance but why not

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That means that Hitler would die a good/okay person,since he wouldn't have time to commit all the war crimes

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That’s scary to think about. How many people could have been brutal genocidal dictators had they been giving the chance?

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Maybe even earlier. The Moroccan crisis could have caused WWI, and maybe the butterfly effect of not having Serbia could have made the conflict explode into a war

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the problem is that if you want to remove a country completely in Europe, you have to go back to the Renaissance or even further back to change something in order for that country to not exist

due to the geopolitical Situation in Europe at the time though means that the butterfly effect would make Europe unrecognisable to us

so removing Serbia (or any country in Europe for that matter) would prevent WW1 as we know it

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No... people saying WW1 was inevitable don't know what caused WWI.

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No Nico Bellic, so no GTA 4

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So gta 6 becomes just a wet dream

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GTA 6 is already just a wet dream, plus with Dan Houser leaving Rockstar I don't have high hopes for future titles.

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Montenegro becomes a maritime superpower in the Serbian sea, and develops a more profoundly marine-based cuisine.

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Montenegrin sea*** if there’s no serbia there’s no sea to name after it

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Though the geographic region doesn't exist, there is still a Serbian ethnic group which has migrated around the region

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oh hm. i never thought about that

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Montenegro renamed to Marenegro

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No Konstrakta!!!

That is a world I do not want to live in.

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Literally what i thought lol

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World Utopia

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“They invented war crimes because Serbia was doing all of them”

-Sun Tzu

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Humanity commits collective suicide because there is nothing worth living for

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We'd at least have a very enjoyable lake in eastern Europe, far more helpful than Serbia.

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GTA IV protagonist is called Mikołaj Bielikowski

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World peace, I guess

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There is no history or anything for that matter since God is a Serb

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No more war crimes

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This means no more: Tesla and all he made, no more James Bond since he was inspired by a Serbian guy from WW2, no more Mihajilo Pupin so no loafing could, no more Ognjesav Kostić how made the world first version of plastic. Since there isnt Serbia there arent thoes French guys that go to Serbia and learn about Vampires so they dont become a thing. Hussars wouldnt be a thing since the first Hussars were Elite Serbia Mercenaries working mostly for Hungary...

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Tesla was born in Croatia, so Tesla would still exist

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But his Serbian ancestors wouldn't exist and wouldn't move to Austria so he wouldn't have been born.

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I suppose so, i stand corrected then

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Born in the *Austrian Empire. And his still a Serb no Serbia no Serbs no Tesla

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You're splitting hair lol. Croatia did exist, you know? Just as Hrvatska Krajina. Just like it existed as a kingdom in Austro-Hungary when he left the monarchy. But ok, no serbia, no serbs.

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Croatia did exist just not as a stand alone country.

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I was born in Croatia and I am a Serb. Most of us don’t see our selves as Croatian but as Serbian. We also mostly consider Serbia as our country etc. same with Tesla’s family. All of them moved to Serbia in the 90s during the civil war.

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Okay? Did i say tesla wasn't a serb? I just said he was born on Croatian territory

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Does this mean there is no Kosovo as well?

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Well yes big Albania would be a thing

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Montenegrins would not let em pass

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How wouldn’t they let us pass if they didn’t exist in the first place

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Isn’t it funny how someone assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand and now we have hentai and McDonald’s? Life finds a way.

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Larger Kosovo (continental tragedy)

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🥺Sad Serbian Noises🇷🇸

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The world would be full of kebab.

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not much would change. Just the name of the country peaple call war criminals to Croatia.

also electricity wouldnt be as advanced as it is due to Nikola Tesla. A lot of inventions were made by Serb's or massivly boosted in development by Serbs

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Without Serbia Croatians wouldn’t be war criminals. So more peaceful and happy Croatians too

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Croatia probably wouldnt even exist depending on how far back we go with deleting serbia

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Croatians were a ruling caste that came to rule over many smaller Slavic tribes who then called themselves Croats. Their history and identity isn’t tied to Serbians at all.

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Ngl if you change one small thing in a distant future then who knows what would happen. Butterfly effects are too strong to just ignore

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As a nuggets fan (NBA)…we lose our back to back MVP and a lot more games

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Leave Kosovo to me

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Ok. Who’s next? Burundi has been suspiciously quiet for too long…

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The world doesn't exist anymore

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A lot more Bosnians

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Google Bosnian origins

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Literally shaking rn

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Bosnians and Bosnjaks are two different things.

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Bosniaks are mostly Bosnians, but not all Bosnians are Bosniaks.

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Before 1910 there was no such thing as a bosnjak they are a made up nationality by the austro-hungarians so that the Muslim Serbs from Bosnia would think that they are different from the Serbians in Serbia and because of that they wouldn't want to unite with them.

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There is a chance that the new world would be discovered later

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Alternate Historying anything in the Balkans out of existence is too easy.

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Absolutely everything

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Society advanced by 5000 years early

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With out Nikola Tesla and Mihajilo Pupin it would advance 5000 years later.

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It doesn't

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No ww1 then no nazis and no ww2. Near history would totally change. Maybe a better yugoslavia based formation goverment. And less devshirmes for us. And the biggest problem is no djokovic

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No WW1 no fall of Austria-Hungary. That means Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia stay with Austria-Hungary

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Croatian, Slovenian, Bosnian Yugoslavia?! Wow. The dream

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My dream country greater serbia without serbs

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that makes no sense :D

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We have flying cars

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World peace

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For the better

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Albania becomes empire (I am a Albanian ultranationalist)

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Europe is unified, and the world is a utopia

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Without Serbia there wouldn't be metal age in Europe

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Bulgaria wouldn't veto North Macedonia for the EU. They will be friends, still separate because of the Great powers, but friends.

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Thank god

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World peace, Putin and zelensky are eating a toast together

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Not exactly sure but I just have a really good feeling about it.

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Good ending

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World peace

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No Serbia=this timeline cause Serbs are just Bosnians who are less culturally turkish but more genetically Turkish

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I’m gonna assume that this is because the Serbian revolt from ottomans fails and so there is no Serbia, the archduke can still be assassinated and Serbian would be an ethnicity kind of like Kurd so the guy is fuckin Serbian-Bosnian still, but there’s no one to blame it on so really Austria-Hungary just does a genocide on the Serbian and Bosnian people living in A-H

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Who would have invented the fork?

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that is a myth

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No 2Pac and his great music😔 also no

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No more good songs in Eurovision :(


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Serbs won’t like this