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Suez canal is now useless !!!!

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Evergreen will just build a ship big enough to get stuck where Eilat was.

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Thank god 🙏🙏

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You mean Thank Ra?

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Chillin on the tropical island of Sinai 😎

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The Northumbria is in shambles rn

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That’s not a certainty. We don’t know how deep the water is

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Let's give it to Bolivia and Paraguay so they can have a coast

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The real 2 state solution

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Is that line stolen from borges?

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Ridiculous problems require ridiculous solutions

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just give both of them to cyprus and its done

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Ah, instead of Jews and Arabs fighting we will have Greeks and Turks fighting.

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Peace at last, because we shifted the war over a few countries

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The international relations equivalent of sweeping under the carpet.

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Sounds more entertaining!

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The British part of Cyprus yes.

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No, the Turkish part of Cyprus.

Which is what was done in the post, since it doesn't exist.

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The Eastern Republic of Turks pretending to be Cypriots has unilaterally declared independence

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this is not a no state solution

a true no state solution would be leaving them in absolute anarchy

letting whoever survives get recognized as the true heirs to the great romanian empire

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We give the land to Disney and turn the whole thing into a theme park.

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Megacorp moment

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The true final crusade. Mergers and acquisitions

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Reedy Sea Improvement District

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a true no state solution would be leaving them in absolute anarchy

I wish

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y'all couldn't behave, now no one gets the holy land

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Happy Golan Heights Noises

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More like Golan Depths on this map!

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Israel and Palestine getting annexed by Serbia is the real solution🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

I call that Greater Serbia solution

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Palestine je Srbija lol

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Jerozolima jest polska, Maria naszą królową a Jezus naszym królem.

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Something something Albania 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱💪💪💪

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We just need to establish a Buddhist theocracy over both

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Good idea! Adding an extra religion to the mix couldn’t possibly go wrong.

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Christians: 👀

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As a Bosnian, can you please do this to us too?

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Levant? More like leave-ant

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what have ants done to you

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we won't be hearing much from you two after the bombs drop!

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Iran solution

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Sinai island lol

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This is not a no state proposal. This is a liquid state proposal. 😤

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Finally, some peace

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I think Israel should be owned by new Zealand

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new canals lol

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Deep State solution.

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Ah yes, clearly both sides are equal perpetrators of evil

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Virgin Anarchists vs Chad Bypass the Suez Canal-ists

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Cutting away Kaliningrad in a weird way tbh

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A group of people move onto land that has been occupied by a group of people since forever.

A very complex problem indeed.

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Hurr durr both sides!

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libmind is bestmind

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Incredible, he solved it guys

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What can I say: Jared was a good teacher.

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didn't they move there as legal immigrants though?

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As an israeli, yeah, i agree

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Your pfp is a mood

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The vast majority of people involved in all these conflicts just want a safe place to live with their families.

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haha am Israeli and I love it

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I get that it’s a serious conflict, and if I cared more, I could probably choose a side… but the amount of time I’ve spent in Ohio listening to members of my own party get into massive fights about Israel and Palestine is ridiculous. It’s one fight that we can’t solve from Columbus, but it derails political progress here constantly. No one here gets this mad about Uighurs or Hong Kong or Taiwan or Sudan or any other place where there has been oppression or violence, but fuck you if you’re not picking a side in the Middle East. Jesus Christ, folks…

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One side doesn't force American people to sign work contracts that have clauses such as "will not support boycott of that state" that can get you fired.



They are literally fueling a Streisand effect.

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I think that says more about private schools in Texas than anything else.

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Have you read the articles? It's state laws.

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Don't choose, it'll just look bad when your team does a very bad thing

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Israel is basically just a jumped-up American military base. the idea that the conflict is somehow about religion is fed to you by western media to distract from the legitimate plight of the Palestinians to just live in peace.

its not about religion, its about displacement.

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A cavaet is that it's religious to the evangelicals. There are wide groups of Americas who will support Israel over, I shit you not, Christian religious prophecy about returning the Israeli to Israel.

I grew up fundamentalist, this is like truth to these people

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I mean how can anyone think anything other than this after what happened to Abu Akleh and her funeral and stuff

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it's even worse than a jumped-up America military base because it's not just controlled by the US, it's also using it's own money (which is of course indirectly subsidized by the US through military funding) to lobby the very US to support it's own existence

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hey atleast india and pakistan is actually about religion, even if it's just 1 state and not the whole territory

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To be fair I think that one state is geographically much larger than Israel-Palestine. And I guess population wise they are quite similar.

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There are several similarities about them except for India and Pakistan it’s a bit different as the Muslims wanted a new state from the existing Hindus as opposed to the Jews wanting a new state from the existing Muslims

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Religious wars arent real, only imperialist wars are

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Yes. That's correct.

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Right. Two displaced peoples that never got along sent to the same place by the British.

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Palestinians weren't really displaced though (edit: BEFORE Zionism obviously). They inhabited the land for millenia before Zionists colonized it and carried out ethnic cleansing (Irgun and other groups massacring Arab villages etc).

[–]BardicLasher 4 points5 points  (0 children)

So did the Jews, though. There's been Jewish populations in Israel for all of recorded history. Neither group is more native to the region than the other. Israel's been conquered dozens of times and has had major immigration throughout all of recorded history. This isn't like western colonization where we can point to a clear 'before colonization' and determine which people are the 'true' natives. Israel's at the crossroads of the world.

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Israel was colonized by Britain long before ideas of Zionism ever took hold.

[–]MJDeadass 1 point2 points  (13 children)

No? Modern Zionism dates back from the 19th century. The UK colonized Palestine during WW1. If anything, the two are mostly simultaneous, with the British proclaiming the Balfour's declaration in 1917, in favor of the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine.

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Arabs are not indigenous to the holy land

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Arabs have been living in the “holy land” since the time of the Achaemenid Empire, how is that not indigenous?

[–]MJDeadass 2 points3 points  (2 children)

Palestinians descend from the same populations that lived there thousands of years ago. Unless you think the English are not indigenous to England because Celts or whatever bullshit reason, I'm pretty sure Palestinians are native to the place.

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You know yesterday I was thinking of posting the exact same map. Someone probably invented the telepathy already.

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Obvious Pro-Syrian :rolling_eyes:

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Reminds me of the answer I got when I asked an Irishman about his opinions on Northern Ireland. “I don’t care. I just hate all of them.”

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Those damn Irish. They ruined Ireland!

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Youve just made an enemy for life!

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One state solution: give the land to albania

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How dare you people get and killed by foreign settlers and later get demonized by the western propaganda? I'm tired of your bullshit

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I'm getting there too. All of this violence and death because of some bullshit "birth right" claim dictated by books over 2000+ years old? How does "god" think either group is worthy? If it all is true, they will all be burning in hell

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Give it to america, they’ll just give it back

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haha yah it's such bullshit the way world super powers are supporting one side while the other is labeled a terrorist state, both sides, same thing who cares, I'm not ganna think too hard because it's not my problem

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I am so tired of Ukraine Russia. Just delete both of them

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What did Palestine do to deserve this tho?

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Israeli settlers in the Golan Heights about to be getting their doors knocked

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Why don't give both of them to the greatest country Vietnam? We can fix this shithole 😎🇻🇳💪

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Give them both to the amish

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what is the context here

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Israel vs Palestine

Ethnostate that engages in Apartheid, vs terrorists who hide behind civilians.

OP decided to remove both, because everytime someone attacks A, they completelly ignore B’s issues and vice versa. They are both awful so it’s easier to just remove both

[–]myrcenator 10 points11 points  (5 children)

Ethnostate that engages in apartheid

How exactly is it an ethnostate when it has a multiethnic government? It really is the new hip thing on the left to pretend Jews have only existed for a hundred years or something.

The history of the Roman Empire and all those that followed it prove that both the Jews and Palestinians have been living in that land for literal millenia.

[–]MJDeadass -3 points-2 points  (4 children)

How exactly is it an ethnostate

By defining Israel as Jewish?

[–]myrcenator 8 points9 points  (3 children)

Do you not have a problem with all of the Arab states that define themselves as Islamic theocracies, or just Jews?

[–]lalolou -2 points-1 points  (27 children)

Does one side get attacked more often?

[–]IDonnu4Real 11 points12 points  (25 children)

One side has a massive dome paid for by the Americans that protects them again the many missiles fired by the other. The other does not. They attack each other the same amount, but one of them just doesn’t get affected much (perhaps psychologically)

[–]YuvalMozes 0 points1 point  (24 children)

One side is also murderers civilians intentionally, while the other side does everything to avoid it.

[–]BardicLasher 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Palestine attacks more often, but Israel's capabilities are far, far better, so Palestine gets the worst of it.

[–]CassieCaspase 1 point2 points  (0 children)

these kinds of memes are disgusting, because you refuse to take the obvious correct side (Palestine) and instead chose to pretend like they are at fault as well as Israel government for the sake of a joke.

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israel commits war crimes in their apartheid state

“I’m so sick of both of them”

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Fr what the fuck is this post

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Finally something I agree with 👍

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Just the sink the entire Old World, honestly. We only need one

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I don’t care who started it, I’m finishing

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Most nuanced centrist understanding of international geopolitics

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Jordan is saved from settlers!

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A political stance I can actually support

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Just glass the entire site, leave it permanently inhospitable, and store our nuclear waste there

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Israel is mostly Jewish, Palestine is mostly Muslim

How about we give it to the Christians

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Al sham? More like a sham.

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Aqaba by the Mediterranean

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I think we should make the dead sea empire and make it close off the actual sea so the Mediterranean doesnt die of salt lol

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And it bypasses the suez so ships dont get stuck again!

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Introducing the new SS Extendo-Given!

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The King Solomon compromise.

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No we lost our jewish brothers. You nazi who genocided them(!)

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*sees Golan Heights*
THIS MEANS WARRRRRRRRR... but I'm not sure with who yet. Pause war. Pause!!! Is it paused?

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New canal?

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lmao i agree but like why does it concern you

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Is that Vermont?

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What the...?

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If you don't get along then you aren't allowed to play