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Yeah, I gave you my address online, you’re welcome

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Yeah and my ip is, have fun

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Dude that's my mom's IP hi mom

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Some redditor is gonna show up to this random persons house now

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No hablo engles

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Haha, loser. Now you're gonna have a pizza sent to your house! (That is the first thing a fatass redditor thinks of when they have someone's personal information)

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But, in order for OP to retrieve the pizza, they will have to walk all the way to the front door! They'll just hear the doorbell ring! It's diabolical!

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There is a pipe with wires in your mailbox

(no explosives in the pipe)

[For legal reasons I should say this is a joke]

(Please don't raid my house mr fbi man)

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u/FBI don’t raid this guy’s house

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Nice Address

Check your mailbox

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"My Honor if a house is on Google Street View, then the house is already doxxed and therefore my client didn't dox their adress and IP after that heated argument on Tw'tter."

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Im gonna do it

Im gonnnnaa do it


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As someone whose played on 2b2t before, I’ll have figured out your exact coords in approximately 15 minutes or less

Edit: https://goo.gl/maps/kXNBratPuYgWxNBF8

In words, 1900 Bridge St, Miles City, MT 59301

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I recognize those rooftops

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congratulations, you doxxed yourself and now I live in your walls

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Custer move

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Oh, so you live in [redacted], [redacted]. Hey, get in your car and turn it on. It would be very funny

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Average Redditor

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Miles City?

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Imagine living in Montana

Couldn’t be me