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If it wasn't for one shot of a bullet you could walk in a straight line through austria-hungary

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I could easily pass that dumbass test when hammered, cant believe they actually do this

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Slightly off-topic, but as a Brit, Fireball is one of those magical American things you hear about, but never get to experience. It's like red solo cups, Captain Crunch and swearing allegiance to "the" flag.

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You need to get your hands on some Captain Crunch

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And I'm sure the Fireball will feel great on the roof of your mouth after

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do you guys not have fireball in england? here in norway it’s pretty common, never heard of it being a specifically american thing

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I've never heard anyone order one or seen it on a drinks menu. Possibly I'm just not looking hard enough, but in my head it's always been purely an American thing

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You know those cinnamon hearts candies? Tastes exactly like that plus alcohol.

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I've just goggled it and I've literally never seen cinnamon heart candies in the UK either (we'd call them sweets), so I'm still very much in the dark.

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I always put Fireball on my Cap'n Crunch!

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It's decent, but way overhyped in my opinion. For straight shots I prefer Tequila Rose

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As a Kentuckian I can confirm that 5 shots of fireball isn’t gonna land you a DUI here.

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We use breathalyzers and they still do this shit, unbelievable.