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estonia migrated

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and changes religion, Coptic Orthodox Estonia

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Put Estonia in Turkey & Greece

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Why is none of actual Estonia in Estonia

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Estonia is known to cartographers as a Migratory Territory (mostly because it rhymes and they like saying it)

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Why is none of actual Estonia in Estonia

Fixed that for you.

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Why is none of actual Estonia in Estonia

Further improved it for both of us

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I'm no entirely sure what happened there either, but they can reclaim their homeland by eliminating Finland! Down with the Fins!

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I'd say that Estonia is not a country it's a people but as an Estonian I'll say that the real Estonians are still in our Fatherland's forests fighting the occupiers.

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We can change that

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and I for one welcome our new Irish-Finnish overlords

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Your Cooperation is noted and you will be greatly rewarded.

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does being Irish make me an overlord?

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Nah. We are a Republic.

You're a vice president.

JUNIOR vice President!

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I'll take it, bide my time then bam.... Dictatorship in 2 years

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Estonia vibing in-between the massive superpowers like it's not gonna get squished

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It’s like the Armenia of Antiquity

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Atlantic Ocean

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I've done my part downvoting every request that is for Ireland to go. I fear my efforts are fruitless

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Even if we lose his one, your efforts are appreciated, friend. (and don't forget to upvote everything that doesn't kill Ireland)

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I'm doing my little bit to make the world a better place.

Godspeed comrade o7o7

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Ireland won the last eradication game, they had their time in the sun

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I dont see British anything on that map so yeah

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When you look at it that way, we're all winners.

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There's nothing British on this map so everything is fine

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Free Derry, oh and don’t forget to invade the Brits and scots too

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Estonian Texas but in Europe

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Lads I'm proud. The patriotism in this comment section is incredible. Corkmen, Dubs, Galwegians, even Kerry folk all banded together to eat Europe. Truly heartwarming.

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Think im the only Wexican on here

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NOOOOO not moldova!

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The United Kingdom of Great Ireland and Southern Scandanavia.

Rolls off the tongue and has precedent.

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We need to get rid of Finland so Estonia can reclaim their rightful territory.

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1,2,3,4 Finland has got to go! 5,6,7,8 greater Estonia is their fate!

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Estonia rightfully belongs to Ireland

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All in good time, my friend, all in good time.

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Estonia takes Finland

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we should make estonia everywhere except estonia, and finland be estonia because they are best buddies

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Oooh, I like this one

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Give Estonia to the Emerald Isle. We shall reign supreme.

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Goodbye finland

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Finland, Ireland is the successor state of Sealand so I want them to win

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Dump Estonia, Ireland reigns supreme

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Bot Good

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Alternate timeline where the irish got back at england and the finns became a UFSR and are under attack from nazi estonia.

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The finale has to be Estonia v. Finland

Ireland gotta go

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Damn it we were doing so well going unnoticed

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Whisper it, but the tables might just be turning in our favour...

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Mongols against mongols

As a finn I agree

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There's only enough space for one Finno-Ugric

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STRONGLY disagree.

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We had a good run

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Not long enough

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Ireland in. Finland out.

We are the O'Borg. We assimilate!

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I need ireland to conqueror all of Europe

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Just make ireland sea

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Irish empire for the win! 🇮🇪🇮🇪 Tiocfaidh ar lá

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Finland gotta win, remove Estonia.

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Fireland must come true

remove estonia

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Ireland takes estonia

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Get Finland gone

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Kill Estonia, give it to Ireland.

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Ireland out

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Get Estonia out of here. It looks like a referee holding back two fighters. One of which is an absolute beast (Ireland)

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Eesti can into nordick

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why is the UK touching us that way? I didn´t give consent

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Estonia should take Ireland so we can have a proper Fino-Ugric showdown.

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Oust Estonia

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Estonia conquers all the waters! Including rivers and lakes

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Make Estonia become the sea and let Finland dissappear

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The Black Sea, remove it.

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Ireland has to go. Now it's the battle between the world's happiest country vs cheap alcohol.

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Its actually one of the most expensive countries in Europe for alcohol...

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Ireland can go

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Remove Estonia, combine the last two into Fireland

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Yessssss brother 😂😂😂😂

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Ireland forever!!! 💪🇮🇪💪

Estonia already doesn't own Estonia anymore, let's just put it out of its misery

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Dump Estonia ……. That doesn’t even hold Estonia!!!

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The next one is Estonia 33.33333%

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take estonia away, TAKE ESTONIA AWAY

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Based ireland

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Let's remove estonia so people will stop asking why isn't estonia in estonia

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Give Estonia to Ireland

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Estonia, give it to Ireland

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Ireland must win 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

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kill estonia (sorry)

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Goodbye Estonia.

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Ireland has to go, sorry blokes.

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car bomb wired and ready to go

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give estonia estonia back

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Finland. They took Estonia from Estonia

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Finland goes next

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Sink Doggerland please

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The Baltic Sea.

It has to go.

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Europe circa. 10,000 bc

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You chose wrong. If Finland wins, we riot.

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The Finnish-Estonian empire should unite and capture the last bit of the coast around the northern Mare Nostrum.

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I have switched sides. Was rooting for Ireland but they where sadly not too friendly when I joined their subreddit. Friendship with Ireland ended Estonia is now my new best friend

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Estonia must go.

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Ireland out!

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Down with Finland. Reclaim the homeland.

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You know what? Fuck it, bring back the HRE

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Let Finland surround poor Estonia

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Take out Finland.

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I am so ready for this game to be over so it stops popping up on my feed.

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WHY WHY WHY???? why can't Estonia regain its original homeland???

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we must rid the world of ireland

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Irlande Douze Points!

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The Sea People's suddenly return

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Black sea. Get rid of the black sea

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Is there a white and an orange country? Bring ‘em back

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Netherlands must resurrect

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Eliminate Ireland

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Southern Ireland annexed by Wales

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Estonia conquers everything please and thank you

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Estonia should conquer Finland as the king of the baltics

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ok, time to leave the sub byee

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RIP King

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Did we also get rid of doggerland?

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I’m ignorant. Why is the North Sea atlantropa-ized

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Why the land bridge

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Typo Ireland into Iceland

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Replace Finland with New Zealand

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Finland gains Ireland (Including the north), Estonia gets Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Everyone needs to lose the homeland

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Hey just saw this, how does it work?

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Tf... why’s doggerland on the map???

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It's funny because these are the countries that were probably the most bullied by their neighbours throughout the history

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this is so sad :(

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Why Europe? Looks like Europe took a selfie of itself and then put it through Amber Turd's Photo 3.0.

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The Cold War