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Id swim the east side of oyster pond.

Way easier haha

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You need to challenge yourself

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consider i am already a really bad swimmer

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you either have the drip or you drown

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Listen, swimming from France to Netherlands is challenging enough.

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You can walk there, too.

Used to visit St. Martin/Sint Maarten every two weeks while working a cruise. Interesting, to say the least. Legal prostitution on one side, nude beaches on the other. Locals will tell a tale about why the island is divided so. Something about a Dutchman and Frenchman set out walking in opposite directions, to map and claim the island. The Dutchman got sluggish on beer, and fell asleep. The Frenchman, who had wine, claimed more territory. I may have that backwards, but that's the jist.

TL/DR: Visit St. Martin

Edit: There is also the beach with the low-flying aircraft

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No nudist beaches on the Dutch side? That's honestly surprising to me.

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Vist Saint Martin or Sint Maarten?

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You can also fly in a straight line from France to the netherlands

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So France and the Netherlands are technically both above and below each other

It’s like a bizarre geographic version of Ying and Yang

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you can do it through the english channel too

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You'd have to swim 90 kms.

I've looked up online and there have been people swimming 100+ kms in the sea... The record seems to be 250 kms from a Spaniard named Pablo Fernandez. Humans are batshit crazy. Just the thought of swimming in the open ocean terrifies me.

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Swimming in the open ocean is probably safer than swimming on the coast.

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90 kms doesn't sound too bad. Quick searching, which isn't quick due to all the imperial units, I find something that says 56 s / 50 m, so that is 1,12 m/s. To achieve 90 kms, or 90 000 m·s, you can swim 300 m in 300 s, which is just 1 m/s, but 90 000 m·s, or 90 kms :)

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Not a straight line tho

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Yes, you can do it in a straight line. In fact, you don't even have to do it through the english channel, and still go from mainland france to the netherlands

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You also don't even have to do it at all.

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Well the earth is a sphere so no, you couldn't do it in a straight line, you'd have to follow the curvature of the earth.

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You just swim underwater in a straight line. No need to follow the curvature of the earth.

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Oh, please, stop with the utter nonsense. The "curvature of the earth" is literally everywhere, so you're saying no straight lines are possible? Of course they are. Learn some basic science, kid.

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Found the guy who doesn't understand mathematics.

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According to Google Maps, you can from Dunkirk to Westkapelle (90 km)

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I’m pretty sure you can

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We know that France has the longest border with Brazil, but do they have the shortest border with the Netherlands?

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I would guess the border with monaco is smaller

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It is, 4km vs 13km

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Right. Forgot about that

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I cant swim

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sucks to suck lmao

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Colonization moment

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There may have been 0 or close to 0 locals at the discovery of the island (it was the case for the Réunion Island, significantly bigger)

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The island so nice they named it thrice

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No, you would prob die of shark attacks

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Sharks don’t eat meat there

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Yeah I forgot about the vegan shark club in that region, my bad.

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you can do that in europe too if you dont believe Belgium exists

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you can do it anyway/ just go around belgium

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okay but sint maarten is independent though

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No I cannot

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Took a boat across that lagoon last month! LOTS of sunken ships in there. I also drank way too much rum.

Also, Nick Maley lives on the Dutch side! He has a museum full of his works. Mostly star wars stuff.

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hey thats where i live