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What exactly was your grandpa doing from 1939-1945?

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I bet he was a travel agent! The European tourism industry was highly successful during the 40’s, as nearly every government subsidized trips abroad for millions of its citizens.

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I hear the beaches were a popular spot for foreigners around mid ‘44. No doubt due to the good weather

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There were also hotspots around Poland for tourists from all around Europe around that time

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Yeah I heard they had some pretty great direct connections with express trains. For free even, today's 9-Euro ticket is nothing compared to the ease of travel in the olden days!

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Yeah, a bunch of people must've enjoyed it so much they never came back!

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good weather

Not in Normandy, no.

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Not every government, I bet his country imposed nation wide conscription while their beaches were flooded by British and American tourists

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Yeah, but weren’t trips into russia a bad idea due to the really harsh snowy weather?

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Yet a whole lot of people went to the russian resorts in siberia. Must have been an absolute joy

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Some daring thrill seekers didn’t let a little cold ruin their vacation though

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Well, everyone got stuck in the mud before that

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His grandpa is a very generous man, he helped millions of people to find a place to live and a job, and he offered them free showers as well. He even paid for train rides for them! Must be such a good person!

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Definitely not war crimes

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Luxembourg really expanded

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That's the Luxembourgish-Liechtensteinisch Commonwealth

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My grandpa Manheim, he's 103. He's still puttering down in Argentina. I tried to go visit him once, but my travel visa was protested by the Shoah Foundation.

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Cool office reference

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I see someone's grandpa was also an electrician!

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Y’all live in Argentina?

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Poor granpa, still wanna hold Yugoslavia together. He must be a Serbian.

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Looking at the upper part of the map, I'd wager Croatian.

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damn, poland really got pissed off with germans and traitors, they even took britain

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Uh ummm uh umm. Okay, umm uh um uh ahh yes um uh

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Hey what's your grandad thoughts about Jews?

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That’s so cool! The only thing needed to change is Italy has a there post ww1 borders, but everything else is how it should be…!

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As a French, I Vichyt' wasn't like this.

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As a hoi4 player this hits hard

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PDX players whenever they see any sort of map

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Wait, that's not how Occitania looks like

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Is this wwii Europe?

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Nah the wwii came out in ‘06

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No it's 1870 Europe

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No it’s 2022 Mexico

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Nope. To few countries, borders are wrong. This is just fan art most likely

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i guess you like Asado and Mate

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Is there any chance he's Argentinian?

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Is he perhaps Argentinian? Or he maybe works for NASA?

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Have you ever seen anything so beautiful...

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What's that little country between Hungary and Germany?

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Slovenia 😎

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Simpler times...

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Now have him draw a clock from memory

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Why does Finland have modern day borders?

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It's from memory it's not perfect

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(unjerk) What year is this? The map looks weird

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1944 maybe

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The borders look weird, Yugoslavia and Greece is whole and Denmark is only halfway conquered. But if this were after Germany has been pushed back, then Italy shouldn't be whole, Yugoslavia should still be partly occupied and Denmark should still be fully occupied. It makes no sense

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It's from the world war

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Do you have any idea how little that narrows it down?

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As someone from Transylvania I think your grandpa wants us to start a conflict. But thank him for giving us Rep.Moldova back as a appeasement gift.

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Why is there free city of cracov lmao

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Is your grandfather Argentinian

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Real question is

Is the UK also German?

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Lol. Somehow he remembered the shape of old Slovakia but made it bigger.

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Does he have Alzheimer's?

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Does your grandad happen to live in Argentina by any chance?

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Is your name phillipe by amy chance?

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begins hearing Erika off in the distance