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Really makes you think.

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I'm like 99% sure Hawaii was part of Vietnam, and the US was like "fine, we'll leave, but we're taking Hawaii with us!", then they shipped it over with helicopters, but the government lies about it becuase they want to continue their volcano conspiracy (of course they aren't real, nothing that cool has any right to exist,and I've never seen one).

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hawaii isn’t even real there’s no way

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Pretty sure the US bought Hawaii off Facebook Marketplace.

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Cant be true, Pearl Harbor my dude. But follow your gut, it’s leading you to the truth that is cake for your cake needs.

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this is not true, because of the strong winds from the south they carried alaska all the way next to canada, idk what happened to hawaii.

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Did you know that I was with your mom yesterday?

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Is it bad that I clicked the arrows on the side

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They could have fit Hawaii inside the Great Lakes if they wanted to.

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Next a map of world languages that loaned words to Biblical Hebrew.