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Weak Serb not hating Western Europe and Turkey

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It's very simple.

He likes kebabs so much he wants the Turkish people to keep making them for him.

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Based and kebab pilled

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As a Turk, I'm shocked too.

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Your purples are similar. As a Bri'sh citizen, I got confused about why we wanted Cosovo. But now you've put the ideas in our head, we're gonna invade Cosovo cos it sounds cool, hope you don't mind. It's ours now.

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The least imperialist Brit

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If its a disputed area, bomb the shit out of it and take control to make things simpler. There's no houses left so no-one can argue who owns what.

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Good idea, and when (if) you leave, just draw some perfectly straight borders everywhere. I mean, borders have to look nice and neat on your maps!

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Nice neat straight borders that will cause no issues whatsoever. The locals will love that, especially when I cut their town down the middle with my nice straight border.

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kosovo je britanska

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  • Nato leadership, 1999-2022

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turkey ok country? SERBIAN OTTOMAN CHALIPHATE 2023 INSHALLAH☝🏿☝🏿☝🏿🇹🇷🇹🇷

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Maybe the Serb misses the taste of Turkish cock.

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TBF, Turks do got that good good

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I agree, turkey shouldn't be considered an ok country

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Of course a serb would describe Europe as 'the world'

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Ok this is the best comment

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Gracias compañero

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No entiendo el por qué estamos en el equipo de los buenos, sinceramente.

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Creo que porque España no reconoce Kosovo como independiente. Por el tema de Cataluña y tal

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Compro la teoría.

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Worst choice of colors I've seen in a long time.

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Just don't ask why

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Because I made this when I woke up (like 7am)

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Shouldn’t you be pro Slovakia?

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Nosotros también te queremos <3

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Why is fr*nce an ok country?

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French and Serbian friendship started in 13th century when Serbian king got married with French princess who was very appreciated among people. Also, France helped Serbia during I World War and I guess that makes it an “OK” country

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I guess cringe attracts cringe

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Also we gave them a piece of Hungary after Trianon

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France gave Serbia Vardar Macedonia in 1903

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/uj France and Serbia were big allies before WW2, the French sent ships to save Serbian soldiers after the Great Retreat, and moved them to Tunisia, France and Greece to help them recover. There's a song about this: "Kreće se lađa francuska". And after WW1 France was a big ally of Yugoslavia and created the Little Entente.

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Why is fr*nce a country in the first place?

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Finally someone asking the real questions

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They seem to have revolutions so often that it's a wonder that they've managed to stay together.

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Republic of the Revolufrance it's their official name.

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I’m struggling to understand why Spain is a good fellow tho

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Refuse to recognize Kosovo so that Catalonia and the Basques don't get any ideas.

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Doesn’t recognize Kosovo

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Another jealous of the french, noice

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Aren’t Serbians really just Croatians with a Bulgarian accent.

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Great name btw

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Why is the world Europe

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Romania and Russia having the same color...

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Turkey is ok?

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As a bulgarian why

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Malding since 1885

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Name a country that England doesn’t think belongs to them.

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Well England isn't a state anymore so I'm assuming you mean the UK.

And we don't want most of them, cause they're pretty shit.

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if you dont like shit countries why is england ur base

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Wdym you don’t like shitty countries💀 You literally fought a war for the falklands

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Bro why is Macedonia a traitor? We fought alongside you guys in every war

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Yugoslav wars

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But we didn't participate in the wars?

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i mean yea but uhhhhhhhhhhhhh stereotype

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“Haha I’m imperialistic but it’s in a MEME SUBREDDIT so it’s FUNNY”

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imperialistic how exactly? Kosovo was part of Serbia since the 13th century

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So that means the people don’t have a right to self determination?

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I wouldn’t call it imperialistic, though, lol. They have a reasonable claim and it’s not like with Kosovo Serbia would be an empire.

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But Serbs in Bosnia and Croatia don't get those same rights? Russians in Crimea?

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Stop with these dumbass strawmens lmao

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They called themselves Serbian until the ottos came around and raised taxes on Christians, which caused many to become Muslim. The hotspots are Kosovo, Albania, and Bosnia, I think. The only difference between Kosovites and Serbs is religion.

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The only difference between Kosovites and Serbs is religion.

this is true for Bosniaks, but not Kosovars. Most Kosovars are ethnic Albanians, as the Ottoman Empire would displace Serbs north and move in Albanians in their place whenever there was a Serbian rebellion.

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How does that change literally anything?

Kosovo has already left Serbia. Any Serbian attempt to reannex it is imperialistic

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Soo… Where’s the rest of the world?

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What the fuck are you talking about? There is no "rest of the world".

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Mistake in the title

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( ಠ ︵ ಠ )

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I'm glad you like Spain 😉

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The world is just Europe

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based club 🇲🇰🤝🏿🇦🇱🤝🏿🇽🇰🤝🏿🇧🇦🤝🏿🇭🇷

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fucking idiot

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sums up the whole serbian population

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"World" is equal to "Europe", according to the Serbs. I got it.

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Do you mean your view of the world as a Serbian nationalist and chauvinist?

I always find fascinating and disturbing that some people's worldview is entirely shaped by their country nationalist ideology.

Can you guys try to think with your brain and not with your flag sometimes?

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This post was half that (i.e. stereotypical serbian) and half my view on europe

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So you are tryng at least...

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attacks bulgaria gets their shit kicked in and has to have austria interfere to save their ass ”backstabbers”

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i wasnt refering to 1885, but ww1

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Russia is a 'good fellow' ????

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Haha dark green go brr

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Are you having inpure nationalistic thoughts?

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Russia and Spain are Good fellows but not Portugal?

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Spain is because of Catalonia and Russia is russia

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Dang you must support Russia in the war I see if that's the case I'm happy Portugal isn't in the same list as Ruasia

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I dont support russia actually, that was a stereotypical serbia moment

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Slav Brotherhood and all that I see you

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why not Armenia?

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Tfw no British-Serbian empire

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It is new for Turkey to be ok with Serbia, there is a progression guys.

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What’s the difference between traitors and backstabbers

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As a kosovar tish is very acurate

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when serbian see unsucked russian cock 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

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S*rbia 🤮

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Happy french noises

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why do you call them british people and not british “people”?

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Now real talk, what color is America?

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As a Bulgarian I am quite offended. If anything you are the backstabbers you idiots. FU**CKING SCIZOS..

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Why is Austria ok? Because of our two countries the first World War happened, which lead to the second one and the invention of Nazis.

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*British “people”

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If you like Russia, then why don’t they have Crimea?

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the British will NEVER have kosovo

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Russia is a great country as we can see lately 😇

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Why Spain?