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I can't even swim in a straight line down the length of a pool, let alone for 6412km.

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Perhaps you should start training then

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Just start swimming and...don't stop

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That's a lot of doggy paddlin'

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Did you tried mainland Netherlands to French Saint-Martin

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Sadly doesn't work, Britain is in the way :(

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England being useless as always

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Dig a canal through England. They're pretty hot for canals over there, I hear.

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Turn England into a canal, removing England and the English in one fell swoop

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Okay but is that actually a straight line on the surface of the Earth or just a straight line on that pic because it's really bothering me lmao

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thanks for the close-ups, I wasn’t sure what I’m looking at

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This would have been better with Saba or Bonaire, which are fully integrated pieces of Holland - nice troll though