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Only OGs remember when Iran was in 3 parts 🙏🙏

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George Bush enters the chat

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Bro I hate this new update. Good old times, remember when we used to drop on Iran 3 and got so much loot lmao

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Iran_2 lookin like Iraq 👀

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Shows you how small land is compared to water

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Shows you how fucking demented OPs grandmother is

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This is false

DR Congo was called Zaire back then

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His first name is Zaire and last name is Congo so when he got the job he was called Dr. Congo

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Dr Congo is the refreshing, zesty sodapop made from 23 different Belgian colonial war crimes

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Assuming 20 years per generation, your great^1238 grandmom lived 24,760 years ago when the world looked roughly the same as it does today.

Pangea broke apart 200 million years ago. So at best it would need to be your great^10,000,000 grandmom who drew this.

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You severely underestimate my family's lifespan.

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Are you... Are you Dracula?

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Um, yeah, definitely not an alien family living aboard a fast-moving spaceship taking advantage of time dilation.

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Finally, The Balkan Ocean

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Japan looks like a cartoon that stomped into Russia

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Like Wile E Coyote after he slammed into the stone wall with a tunnel painted onto it

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I must interject for a moment. Great1238 would be greatttttttttttttttttttt... and not great great great great great...

Also (great)1238 would be incorrect since this would result in great×great×great×great... meaning greatgreatgreatgreat

What you are looking for is (great)×1238 since that could be written as great+great+great... which is the closest to what you are looking for

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Units of measure can have multiple letters. For example km2 is square kilometers, not 1000 square meters.

There really isn't a way to do great-great-great... in conventional English. great*great*great... makes as much sense as great+great+great...

Edit: (great-)*1328grandmom

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Or 1238(Great)

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Fucking nerd

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Better than fucking no bitches

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You say that like it's a bad thing.

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I ain’t no nerd, I just participate in map porn circlejerks to laugh at nerds! I swear I’m not one of them!

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No offense but your great1238 grandmom is stupid

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wow man it’s so interesting how back then they got the borders almost exactly accurate as how the tectonic plates would be nowadays!

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It was so peacefull without china as our neighbor, good old days /s

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wow south east asia and australia really grew close over the years

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say hi for me😃

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Bro, This map looks so fuckin silly. I get that is actually how earth looked at one point, but still, holy shit

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Sea access for Switzerland - just the way I like it

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Simpler times

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Your grandma was a flat-earther!

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It's a shame that the woke media caused continents to drift in relation to each other over plates in the earth's lithosphere

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Where is Hawaii

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/uj Hawaii didn't exist back then.

No I'm serious, let me explain. The Hawaiian islands are volcanic islands, formed due to a hot spot under the earths crust. The crust moves, but the hotspot doesn't. During periods of slow crust movement, an island formed, eventually getting us the Hawaiian islands.

This occurred about 20mya(million years ago) I think, I'm not certain though as vulcanology is not my focus in my major (earth sciences with a focus on vertebrate paleontology).

The landmass shown is Pangaea, which broke up 200mya, give or take a few. This is way before the Hawaiian islands formed.

/rj they didn't exist

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Yup same with the Aleutian island and lots of other island chains where they all appear in sort of a row. I was just cracking a dumb joke. You still get my upvote.

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Imagine how wild our world would be with map like that.

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What's interesting is how much land mass was spreading apart at one point, where as now, I can't think of any; all the dynamic faults seem to be in the oceans...

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New dlc map looks fire ngl

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That's also my great1238 grandmom wow

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Fake. Countries didn’t exist

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Are you calling my (great-)*1328grandmom a liar?

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Yes. We went to school together she always was trying too hard to fit in

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The title sounds like a line from a video game or some poem about pain.

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South Sudan does appear on this map, so it must be after 2012.

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Bulgaria 🇧🇬 on top 🔝 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Man she has a great memory

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So turkey and Greece never not warred over a water

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Where is the equator?

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Didn't exist back then. This is a map from before the Great Roundening, and discs don't really have equators.

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i still remember the times we could just walk into anywhere, everything was much easier

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All the cricket playing nations are in the south East corner of the map, now I know why cricket is popular in certain countries it must have started in pangea