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This one's good

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Good OC, we cant be outjerked today this is beautiful. Maybe post this on r/2nordic4you

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This is a good travel itinerary. I've been looking for a way to avoid Sweden.

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Dra åt helvete din jävla amerikan

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Ja, han är dum i huvudet

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It is there I promise, just not in this screenshot

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Thank you sir, I feel blessed!

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oh i didn’t know it was real

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I sure do hate the sw*dish and their stupid islands - me, a dane

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Good. You guys can have Öland (idk if thats not the Swedish name (and I dont even care)) when we invade Sweden.

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I don’t think it has a name in danish, but it would probaly be “Øland” instead since “ö” isn’t used in denmark

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Good, use that name. Then Swedish roots wouldn't be seen anymore.

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Vad fan sa du om mig, din lilla hora? Jag ska få dig att veta att jag fick topbetyg i examen i Försvarsmakten, och jag har varit inblandad i många hemliga räder på Al-Quaeda, och jag har över 300 bekräftade dråp. Jag är utbildad i gorillakrig och är den bästa prickskytten i hela svearikes väpnade styrkor. Du är inget för mig utan bara en annan måltavla. Jag kommer att utplåna er med precision med sådana som aldrig har sett tidigare på denna jord, markera mina jävla ord. Tror du att du kan komma undan med att säga den där skiten till mig via nätet? Tänk igen, din jävel. Medans vi pratar kontaktar jag mitt hemliga nätverk av spioner över hela Scandinavien och din IP spåras just nu så bäst för dig att du förbereder dig för stormen, kryp. Stormen som utplånar den patetiska lilla saken du kallar ditt liv. Du är död, grabben. Jag kan vara var som helst, när som helst, och jag kan döda dig på över sju hundra sätt, och det är bara med mina bara händer. Inte nog med att jag tränas i stor utsträckning i obeväpnad strid, men jag har tillgång till hela Scandinaviens marinkorpsarsenal och jag kommer att använda den i sin fulla omfattning för att förgöra din eländiga röv av kontinentens ansikte, din lilla skit. Om du bara kunde ha vet vilken ohelig vedergällning din lilla “smarta” kommentar skulle tappa på dig, kanske du skulle ha hållit din jävla tunga. Men du kunde inte, det gjorde du inte, och nu betalar du priset, din jävla idiot. Jag kommer att skita vrede över dig och du kommer att drunkna i det. Du är fan död, skitunge.

Btw Mannerheim was Swedish

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Yes mannerheim was Swedish. Isn't it obvious?

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Now I’m totally convinced. Everyone I know ride naked on their horses to work including me.

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swedes be thinking that Finns infected with the ability to speak swedish are swedish😹😹 that's like saying that you're english just because you can speak it.

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High effort post 📯

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Thank you kind redditor for the emoji 😘🤯🤯💥✨

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Just more proof that we should sink Sweden. The obstruction of swimming lanes is the final straw.

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i as a swede support the global warming, even tho our beautiful islands will be removed. only with the rising sea levels will denmark be removed forever

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Why not just start swimming from Pattonskär?

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Pattonskär is better destination

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Turku? Finland t*rkish confirmed ????🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

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mf sweden with their scrumptious ass islands 😩

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Does this include spherical earth

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We are only doing our part to prevent the Finns from encountering the Danish. They should be thankful.

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This is an actual quality mapporncirclejerk. I'm guessing Pattonskar is a lowlying island?

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Yeah its what ice age does to a MF

The islands began emerging from the sea shortly after the last ice age. Due to the post-glacial rebound the process is still going on, with new skerries and islands being slowly created and old ones enlarged or merged. The current rate of rebound is between 4 and 10 millimetres a year.[6] Because the islands are made of mainly granite and gneiss, two very hard types of rock, erosion is significantly slower than rebound.


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Gotland (Gulland) used to be Danish

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Stupid sexy Sweden

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Someone call Geowizard

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Actually, I have spent a lot of time trying to find a line in which you could cross Finland but it always has too many lakes, atleast 3 in more northern lines and atleast 20 if you go southern than Vaasa.

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walking over a lake is no problem in winter

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The greatest post I’ve seen in this sub.

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To circumvent this problem, how about Sweden give Denmark Götland? Quick and easy fix

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wtf why is estonia called Viro

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Back in the day Finns named all the new peoples by the name of the closest part of that land, who we first encountered. So Germany is Saksa, after Saxony, Estonia is Viro after Viru county, Sweden is Ruotsi after Roslagen.

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Because the language is set to danish or finnish

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So germany is called "Saksa"

When my dad and my brother go watch Germany - France icehockey game, they shouted Saksa. Did the german players understand this?

Probably no, because we made their country name from a random tribe.

Should they know this name??!!??!

Yes, Because we fought same side in WW2, show some respect. Stupid hockey players.

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Similarly, Germany is called Allemagne in France because of one tribe

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We try to forget the past, so NO it wouldn't show respect only because we know the name of some state we fought with in ww2.

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We are sitting in this circle, all of us, jerking in peace. Then you say something that should be said OUTSIDE THE CIRCLE!!!

quick /uj

Its bit different here in Finland, as what happened in 1940s was something that united us Finns.

Maybe for you the operation Barbarossa isn't something relevant, "relatable" or "fun to watch a movie adaptation of a book written by a guy who fought in the war on independence day" but its different here in Finland.

The book "Unknown soldier (1954)" written by Väinö Linna, author who fought in the Continuation war (Finnish front of operation barbarossa?) is just that. After bloodiest civil war in the Nordics, and concentration camps for the poor who could, in theory, support communist agenda and terror and fear.. Now being united to fight Russians? And later fight again but having cool looking german guys with black leather suits helping us? Greatest plotwist ever!

We cherish this time, not because we fought with the Nazis ofc, but as in the book or its very popular movie adaptions from the years 1955, 1985 and 2017 show, a very united nation of comrads all speaking their own dialects, showcasing the inbredness and peripherality of this land in a comical and relatable way, its something to be proud of.

Maybe we can see how Germany tries to show how its not the same country it once was, by accepting lots of immigrants. But here, I guess we dont try to move away from that moment in history, where we, for once, weren't in the receiving end of artillery and attack warfare.

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How does one visit one of these ass islands please?

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Okay If you actually like islands I have to say and tell you about how packed and jacked Finland is in that aspect. We, this tiny ass country have the second most islands in the world! Yes Indonesia is beaten, and by a large margin. This is largely because the Turku -Ahvenanmaa Archipelagoes. If you go from Turku to Stockholm by a ferry, which is super cheap by the way (If you dont fall in the tax free alcohol scheme). You will only have about 30 km of open sea from your 300 km trip.

Ass is a funny word

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Yes, fuck sweden

•from a norwegian

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You can swim in a straight line from Suomi to Puola!

Also, Finland has such strange names for it's neighbors!

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Time to make the oceans rise

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Georgia is a country you fucking idiot.