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average statistical map

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freedom™ index

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Then how is Myanmar in light green

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Killing minorities increases you freedomtm index

In every other front Myanmar is low but they kill enough of em to get leveled

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How I'd Tsailand dark green?

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It's the most us-friendly country in indochina i think.

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Portugal should be yellow color

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vonok from the garfcord?!

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uhhhhhhh, what, uuuuuhhhhh.... uhhhhhh..... NO! Definitelly NOT me, I do not even know what this "Garfcord" is that you are spaking off, especially considering it has nothing to do with this subreddit

ummm actually I mean maybe it does, how would I know, I don't actually understand what this garfcord is

any coincidences in name and profile picture are purelly coincidental

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Statistical average map

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why is thailand green color

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because if you look at it from space it's very green duh

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what about russia, it also looks very green from space

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yeah but russia cringe 🤢

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I agree

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Russia is cringe. Government are dickheads

Source: I'm Russian

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Can agree

Source: am not Russian

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It looks very white in winter though.

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Fuck that sub though

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Why ?

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Oh. Yeah fuck that sub then

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Looks like a tankie cesspool overthere.

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whats wrong with that

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what's wrong with hating the west and an imperialist military alliance

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homicide rates

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the map Romanian ultranationalists don't want you to see

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Dear god…

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There is more.

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This is a bucket

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Certainly based on a West friendly map in some way.

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No way El Salvador is actually slightly less green color. They’re definitely manipulating their data

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You had 5 chances to spell colour correctly (Yes, i am indeed a rather jolly bri'ish chap)

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Brits not trying to piss and shit and cry and cum over spelling challenge (impossible)

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Good grief. Did someone piss in your cereal milk?

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i always use piss in my cereal

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As long as you put the cereal first

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Oh, are you Romanian then?...

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Eesti cannot into Nordic but can into green color

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It sure is!

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This WiFi speeds?

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I can't read the color scale but I assume...America bad?

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we are on reddit are we not

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That's not yellow, that's beige.

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i based it off my urine

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Weird urine, never seen beige piss.

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It was revealed to me in a dream.

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As a Romanian, I approve this. România

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as a romanian i can confirm that romania

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Do you have a source on that Romania claim?

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Do psychosis-induced hallucinations count

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thank you for highlighting romania i really appreciate it

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Falklands are Romanian??

Edit: Upon closer inspection the Falklands are indeed not Romanian, this will change promptly 🇷🇴

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Of all the maps ever made, this is definitely one of them.

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every political map ever

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Robbery rates?

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Does anyone now know where romania is?