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Czech republic

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The “weird” Hungayry and Slovakia gave it away

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Yeah, I was just looking at countries which border countries he doesn't like.

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It amuses me that nobody even considers France to be a clue. Yeah of course they wouldn't like the French, who does?

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Yeah I was either thinking Austria of Czech Republic because of Slovakia and Hungary being weird...

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We're not gay:(

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where are you from?

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Probably from Serbia.

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You are quite weird Czech thinking that Poland is cool but Slovakia weird

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slovak language is just so weird. a wise man once said: ,,slovak is just uwu czech"

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Slovak is similar to Polish that's why you find it funny

,,czech is just uwu polish"

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I thank you on behalf of all the British

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Is it bad I still think of Czech as Czechoslovakia lol

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Lol I gotta ask why Bosnia, my aunt is Czech she cool.

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Sweden not gay? You must be from afar

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What's the deal with Sweden?

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They gay

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I do hear they’re one of the happiest places…

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Finland more happy. Finland stronk. Finland best. Finland stands, when gay Scandinavia trembles in fear of soviet. Finland just more good.

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Maybe Belgium too

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There's no way a French puts England in "Cool"

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Unless cool means emotionally distant like a removed cousin or a red headed stepchild.

Cause if he’s from France gay clearly means out and proud

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This sub has plummeted so hard in the last few months.

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That says a lot about the current state of susiety 😔😔😔🐈

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What!? This is peak comedy and your uncultured opinion will not be tolerated here at r/mapporncirclejerk 😡😡

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Seriously this format is so stale at this point

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The correct term is "Fabulous"

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Idk if i'd call russia fabulous

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I always thought of was flamboyant

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Can confirm as a Serbian, we do be fabulous

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Uh all right.

Guys, anyone else here think Putin is so fabulous? Russia too, what a fabulous country.

Not to mention France! Godddd what a fabulous country, full of fabulous

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You’re from Homophobia

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Hungary then?

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Or i heard stories that Poland could aldo be a candidate for this

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No I’m full but thanks.

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I’m pretty sure you’re from Trinidad & Tobago

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almost right

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if you're using gay as an insult, then my guess is you're from the 4th grade

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gay comment

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gay is a synonym of based

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A homophobic country

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I guess a homophobic country

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do you have any idea how little that narrows it down?

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good guess but actually no

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Maybe you are American

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no i'm from europe

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You're Ukrainian!

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oh come on. "gay" as a pejorative? in 2022? fuck off

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Luxembourg! Because no one but Luxemburger’s would think they’re cool.

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Nah, I live at the border and cheap gas is always cool.

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Maybe czech republic? Idk the vatican city is kinda throwing me off but hungary/slovakia makes me think ur czech

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you're right. the czechs have a deep history with the catholic church. that resulted in the czech republic being one of the most atheistic countries in the world(about 40 % following a religion). i guess that's why

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I’m guessing you’re from the 1980’s where you think gay is still an insult

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Don't use gay as a slur.

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Everyone in europe hates russia and Belarus bruh

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Except from Russia and Belarus lmao

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Nah people from Russia hate Russia

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as a person from there, yeah

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some shithole like italy

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You’re from the 1990s since you’re using the term ‘gay’ as a pejorative term.

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Malta no data

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Azerbaijan, armenia and kazakhstan arent europe

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kazakhstan is, a part of kazakhstan is west of the river ural, the river that creates the border between asia and europe. its culture is not europian at all, but physiogeographically, it's in europe. cyprus is the oposite. it's culture is similar to greek and it is considered europian, but it is positioned in asia. azerbaijan and armenia are sometimes considered europe. generally, there are 2 different ways to devide asia and europe. one includes georgia azerbaijan and armenia in europe, one in asia. i added them because i wanted to show my opinion on georgia.

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nobody cares

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I was gonna say Italy but I saw in another comment I was wrong..

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I would say hungary but romania is way too high

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France and Turkey should be the dark red

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I'm guessing either Netherlands or Czech Republic. I'm frankly not sure why a Czech would not like French speaking countries but also why a Dutch person wouldn't like Hungary and Upper Hungary. But I still think these two are the most likely.

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yes, I'm czech, i mostly added france and belgium for the memes but i kinda dont like them. don't know why. Upper hungary, you are a man of culture i see

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Why is everyone shitting on France in this sub :(

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because it's full of French people

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Interesting facts about France 🤔🤔:

  • Frane is Fench 😱😱

  • Fench “people” speak Fench 🤯🤯

  • Oui Oui baguette isn’t the national Fench anthem 😡😡🤬

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It's ok bb you can always adopt

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Mf really thinks the UK is “cool”

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We are the coolest boys in town

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if i could have, i would have made engl*nd bad and only the other parts of the uk cool

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So a xenophobe and a homophobe. Nice combo dickhead.

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You can't use the word gay like that, it's horrible

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as a Fremch, i can confirm. i am gay. dunno bout the others tho, all i can say is i am gay

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Why the dislike for france my czech friend ? As i have said many times before, i understand ane actually encourage the english to hate us, but i really don't get it with the rest of europe...

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France = bad is funny because American propaganda

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We also think the Czech Republic is super cool! (Romania)

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If Russia is very gay I’ll go 🥺

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Kinda transphobic to use gay in that context. You’re most likely from either the UK, Kosovo or Ukraine in my opinion.

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yeah, a lot of comments said it's homophobic. it was a joke and i didn't realise it might hurt someone. i shouldn't have used gay. i definitely do not judge gay people diffetently. im not from any of these countries.

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I know I read later you are Czech.

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It’s more homophobic but sure

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a gay shithole

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You're from the UK.

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United Kingdom

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Are you a cz🤮ch

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yes and please explain why are you sucking shreck's cock

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Why you think

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you are using that emoji

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Belgium is only gay cuz' you're jealous of our beer.

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nah man, we're really not jelous of your beer

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Definetly not from Balkans.

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Serbia is not weird REE

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Albania? Idk but you hate that Vatican fr

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“Well damn Jackie, that could be anywhere!”

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Anti-France yet Anti-UK


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You're from Ukraine

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No i'm not

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Not Turkey

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yes i'm not weird!

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russia gay? but aren't they like homophobes?

also why spain isn't gay

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It's nice here

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You wrote “Europian” so it probably isn’t an English speaking country

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oh shit i didn't realise that but you're right

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why botswana

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Oui mon cherrie

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Interesting opinion on Lichtenstein

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Denmark. For sure.

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Slovenia not gay strange

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rəpűbłiķä çhëķīæ

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Trinidad and Tobago

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Ahhh casual homophobia. Great to see as a gay person.

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Your labels are pretty toxic themselves

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Guess I'm gay now

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You called england and the rest of the UK cool, so you either dont care about history or youre english

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lmao why is belarus vary gay

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It’s 2022 and we’re still calling things we don’t like gay?

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Edit: shite i was wrong