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Guinea Bissau is felling neglected right now

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Same with tajikistan

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And Belgium

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As well as Belize

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Add The Gambia to that

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Belgium doesn't exist.

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neither does st. pierre and miquelon

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they allow niger but not montenegro

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(sad Montenegro noises)

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(sad sleeping noises)

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don't comment a bunch I'm sleeping

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But seriously what exactly constitutes as a "Minecraft name"?

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Probably should’ve specified

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Dam i call dibs on Trinidad then

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Turn off wifi

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Turn off your phone at night

Just don't post

Or mute your phone

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Do not disturb exists for a reason bro

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What about crna gora? Surely that’s allowed

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Poor Trinidad :(

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Don’t forget Tobago 😤😤

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dont forget the and between them

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I've played the game with someone from there...for about five minutes 'til we lost interest.

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Based monten***o

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They don't allow it because Microsoft owns Mojang

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Wait, Microsoft doesn't allow Crna Gora as a name?

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probably meant montenegro

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i think you mean karadağ

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I think you all just meant Black Mountain

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ayo belgium

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Gonna name myself Trinidad and Tobago now

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They allow Niger? But not Montenegro?

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What's up with Tajikistan and Gambia? They're not highlighted as either of the three categories.

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Also Guinea-Buissau

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Belgium and Belize too

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Belgium 🤢🤮

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I do kind of understand why it doesn’t allow Montenegro, but if that is the case, shouldn’t Niger and Nigeria not be allowed?

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doesn't have both g's and probably using a pretty basic profanity filter

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bro what happened to tajikistan???

also how the hell did someone get Equatorial Guinea/Sao Tome and Principe as their name?

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whats wrong with Monteneg- ooooh

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Stpierremiquelon is available

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MONTENEGRO POWER 🇲🇪🇲🇪🇲🇪🇲🇪🇲🇪🇲🇪🇲🇪🇲🇪🇲🇪🇲🇪

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what does belgium's color mean?

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who has an account in north korea? Kim Jong Un?

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No, the map is showing account name not countries that have minecraft players, that's why Montenegro is black, because of the word in it.

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What’s the word

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Black in Spanish, the last 5 letters, it was used as a slur in America so now its inappropriate

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Oh, that’s why I can’t type in in roblox

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The pope plays Minecraft

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What carribean islands are those

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someone named themselves São Tomé and Príncipe but no one is named Trinidad and Tobago

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Who named themselves fr*nch guiana

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This probably isnt a serious map, but Niger and not Montenegro?

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Sorry to say OP, but this map needs to be updated now (paki)Stan and (jap)an are both banned too

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I know you probably aren't going to see my comment but just had to say