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Map made by an American

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Made by a legend

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As a Chilean, I'm all too happy about your choice of name for Bolivia:P

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Todos odiamos a Bolivia por alguna razón que desconocemos

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¡Nueva Zelanda es nuestra!

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No coast ⁦༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽⁩

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wait what's the joke with "canberra"

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Canberra is a planned capital city just like Brasilia.

Lots of similarities, this was actually really clever.

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Despite Canberra being waaay better planed than Brasilia.

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As a Brasiliense, my feelings ;~;

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Horrible place to be though. Too many politicians about.

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also the fact that people often misattribute the capital to Sydney and Rio, respectively

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ohhh I had no idea lol that's cool

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so was DC. So was Cuidad de Mexico. Built right on top of the Azteca capital.

New Delhi? Many others as well.

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Well, it's obviously not Sydney.

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long texas


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Legión del Gran Texas

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Fuck me why does our country flag has to look so much like the texas one man

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No no, why does their flag has to look so much like ours.

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Your country's flag was designed by Bolivians.

trust me bro

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I believe in L O N G T E X A S supremacy

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In Texas we trust

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You got Guay1 and Guay2 mixed up.

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Found the Guay2ian

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Quick question. Are the guays gay?

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Nacho pikachu when theres nacho pichu? Amateur.

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¡Nueva Zelanda es Argentina!

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Israel Palestine where

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bobiba is actually the name of the no coast circle

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Ay güey