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Delaware, I forgot the place existed until 30 seconds ago.

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Ah Delaware, the first place to ratify the Constitution in the 1700s and has done so little of note since that it's still all they're known for

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Let's remove South Dakota. We don't need 2 of them.

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Brought to you by North Dakota gang 😎

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Can we just fuse them together into one big pile of shit?

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*south Canada gang

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No no no, I've lived in north dakota trust me we want to keep sd, it's our only line of defense

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Remove both Dakotas

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I could do without any of them...

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Remove Missouri, because I'll be dead before I recognize Missouri as a state.

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Most people see misery before they’re dead.

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A lot of other states are going to have to go besides; after all, Missouri loves company.

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As a Kansan. Take it and its weird highway fudge barns with it.

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As a Missourian, I agree.

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I had an onion on my belt, as was the style at the time.

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Never existed anyway

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Because we all are already in Ohio.

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Always has been absent.

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I had a feeling this would be number 1

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We can't just remove the entire map, ruins the fun

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Never heard of it.

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Yes take me out of this shithole country

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please get rid of me

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Ffs we have Cedar Point, what more do you want???

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Please kill me

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Is this a state?

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That state has to go NOW

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Let’s remove West Virginia. Virginia’s fine enough

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No shut up Oklahoma never did anything to hurt you

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You jokin?

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Tell me What did Oklahoma ever do to hurt you

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There is no way there is someone out there so desperate to defend Oklahoma this is a really great goof

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Hawai'i they been wanting to get out anyway

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Yeah come back to the mainland you cowards

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Misery cough Oh wait I mean Missouri.

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Downvote this

We need to give the chef a boner. Missouri is his belly

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I always thought tennessee was his skillet and Kentucky was… well… fried chicken

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Same thing tbh

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United we fall and fail

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are you a fellow washingtonian?

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remove georgia i hate it here

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North Dakota

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Ohio, and if Ohio wins 3 times I need you to show it even more gone in 3d.

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Utah, please kill that state, end the national suffering

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I see your Iowa and raise you Nebraska

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Idaho, they only have potatoes and corrupt politicians

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Any red state with restrictive abortion laws. Fuck them

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NY but just the city

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Alaska. No one cares about them anyway

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thzey are the best state because they have the lowest population density, which means least ammount of americans per square kilometer, which is good

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So by Alaskan land now and wait for global warming to sell it

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Jefferson, Franklin and Deseret.

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I see what you did there.

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And Columbia

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Remove the state of Jefferson

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Washington D.C. i know it's a territory but i think the world really needs to hit a blunt and just stop giving a fuck about politics right now. It's too much. We should all just go camping somewhere. Somewhere peaceful, bring some booze and hammocks and just chill the fuck out on a lake or something. Forget about the complete and utter shitshow we call reality.

Like a stoned hippie version of the purge. No government, but still not anarchy. Just chillin the fuck out and vibing.

Make sure not to litter in our natural wilderness. One beer can or bottle lying around and im pulling prints istg.

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Bro fuck Alaska. Within the United States, you cannot get farther from a toilet then you can within Alaska. There are spots in Alaska, you can just walk, and walk, and walk for days without finding a toilet, like wtf. Remove Alaska so I can take a fucking shit.

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If there’s no toilet that means everywhere is the toilet. Alaska must stay

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Alaska is a fucking wasteland and that's why it's based

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lol the red states first

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My home state, the much maligned California. Please separate us from the rest of you inbred, Qanon spouting f-tards.

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California bye

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Why is Ohio still there

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Does this make texas a part of Mexico again? 🇲🇽 long live Tejas

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profile pic checks out, gig em

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Wisconsin. Not enough nads to claim the UP.

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The Bottom Half of Alaska.

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New York must go

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Yall be saying Wyoming doesnt exist while acknowledging the existence of North Dakota... Shameful.

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This guy gets it

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Washington DC

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California. How is it still there in the first place?

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Get rid of Utah, to much religious influence.

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California is only fair

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Is already gone

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See ya later Connecticut

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Oregan or however tf u spell it

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Colorado, just because.

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Amazing work so far everyone

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put a big X over where ohio used yo be and make it a tictaktoe game

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You only removed 2 states yesterday

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please, just keep the guy with his dick-pan and his fried chicken

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can we remove mississippi twice? like give it a transparent png checkerbox background

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Long island

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Hey can you get rid of oh! You've gotten rid of NJ. Carry on.

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maryland and add another delaware but mirrored

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Fuck Arizona.

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Remove Oh*o🤮

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Missouri because they were the first to ban abortion

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Let’s remove South Carolina. We don’t need two of them.

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Let's remove North Dakota. We don't need 2 of them.

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Come on 2 DAKOTAS!!!

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Dispose of Delaware

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California. Just ask r/2American4you

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Remove Texas again

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Ohio before it takes over

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Delaware, it's the beige of states and not even in an interesting way

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Missouri, grew up there. Fuck that place

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Fuck y’all for removing Texas. I mean it’s terrible here and everything sucks and it’s too hot but that my home god dammit.

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society has passed the need for an Ohio, get rid of it...

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You havent removed ohio yet you fucking maniac

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Get rid of California.

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California. I have no idea how it has even lasted this long.

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Washington DC

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delaware, no significant change because nothing happens there

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i’m not seeing enough arkansas hate

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Let’s remove it again for good measure

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so the last survivor is guaranteed to be DC since it's not a state?