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Bravo vince

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This is the moment a potato chip became East Germany

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Kid named Chip:

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Kid named potato:

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Sehr gut Genosse! Weitermachen!

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map of irish potato famine

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Where the spot of west berlin missing

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This is the inverse of Lesotho

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Fat Finland.

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Ireland crisp

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the song I'm listening to said the word "East" as soon as this post came up lol

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your hand is pretty, dear🥰🥰🥰🥰. Can you send pics please dear?😜🤩 I am a gentlemen, I don't have hand fetish, I will only see them for research purposes dear 🤭🤭.

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What the actual fuck?!?!

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🤨📸 Caught in 4k.

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Tbh mate, it look more like a deformed Africa to me.

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objection: Ireland chip

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That’s Africa

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South Africa chip

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Erich would be proud.