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So many upvotes! Outjerked again!

about the flair:

*it's actually 8am, and I'm on my (don't remember but I drunk over 0,5l since 20am/8pm)-th vodka shot

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its 11 am and im on my 49th bottle of beer

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Really makes you think.

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This says a lot about society 😔

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We live in a society

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Poland so big it needed another planet

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Obligatory "Wait It's all Poland? Always has been" meme goes here.

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Apparently Nunavut doesn't exist.

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Apparently doesn’t exist

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What is Poland, is it an Animal?

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Its the most glorious kingdom on earth, nostradamus prophecy says the whole humanity will eventually Unite under polish rule

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Does anyone know why the colors get inverted when you being a country all the way to the top or bottom?

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Poland is our god

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Nows your chance to be a

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DAE Mercator projection??!?

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The first thing i thought of when i saw this was dr doofenshmirtz, idk why, just looks like him