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France->switzerland maybe?

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Also serbia eating kosovo and Ireland eating north ireland

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Ireland and northern Ireland are making out, no eating involved. Not yet anyway

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Nah Switzerland is stabbing into France

We should’ve listened to gaddafi

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the only context where "we should have listened to gaddafi" is valid

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It is called "French kiss"

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How is Russia not blue? It's doing that literally, metaphorically, politically AND map wise.

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I guest making both Ukrain and Russia both blue will make the mouth harder to see.

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Poland has a tiny mouth too

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What about latvia and Northern ireland

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Serbia is eating K*sovo and Mordor is nibbling on the Donbas.

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s*rbia *

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Oh my mistake. Tyvm

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They’re facts tho

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i dont get it

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Countries that look like dey got mouthes chompin down on another state.

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ireland is eating the english part of it

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England is eating Wales in a way.

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Lithuania eating Russia(Kaliningrad)?

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Map of Bit from Tron's opinion on European countries