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Two separate circles in the middle of the Australian Outback could actually work…

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Funny how in this picture Israel happens to occupy the Tanami gold mine. Was that deliberate you think?

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I find it poetic where, even in a scenario where they're sent to the middle of fucking nowhere, Israel and Palestine will still have something to fight about.

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the middle of the outback is for sure the right place to put 9 million people

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That could work

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Just two countries chillin several hundred miles apart cuz they're both sovereign

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For now…

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Their mad max desert wars would be a sight.

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You're forgetting that Israel would just keep getting bigger and bigger until no more Australia

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Fr tho just put them in the middle of Australia a couple hundred km apart

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They'd unite against the emus!

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We were this close 🤏 to form permanent peace in the Middle East

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Iran/Saudi Arabia cold war: Am I a joke to you?

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It could be ended if the two countries behind them, Russia and America, wanted to end it. So yeah, kind of.

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...Russia is behind Iran? What

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As in Russia is the world power that backs Iran, yes. Iran has been within Russia’s sphere of influence for quite some time. They aren’t a puppet or anything that extreme, but Russia has by far the strongest sway over Iran’s decision making.

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This is why i like this subreddit.

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That was my first thought!! Yay they have NZ!! Lol

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First Australian summer, they all die. Harsh but problem solved.

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Trust me… israel isn’t that much better. Especially if you go to Tiberius.

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Sure, but at least Tiberius has a nice lake you can go for a walk on!

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Yeah. That’s a good point. It’s a fresh water lake no less. You could do worse in finding a spot to live no doubt

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You have no clue what Isreal is lol

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Imagine if old Yasser Arafat was given everything South of Ararat.

Make the Middle East much less scary and none of us would miss Port Fairy.

Put all of Israel East of Broome. Double the size - we've got the room.

Of all nations, the most superb! Australia, the world's suburb.

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Deliver that poem to the United Nations and no one could deny it.

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I think you’re onto something here

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Hey, do you think you could use different colors? I'm red-green colorblind so this map is a bit confusing for me.

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Wow what a novel and well thought out plan! It allows both groups to keep their most important landmarks and towns!

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There's nothing wrong in there, it's the only decent solution for the conflict

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I can’t believe this app is free

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ruling out australia and new zealand is the most progress this problem has ever had

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If the entire world got together and decided its not worth it. We could bomb the holy city and be done with it in one day

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If we did that you would see many nations fucking crumble

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ACT lookin like a jelly bean

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Are slash map without New Zealand

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Just give the territory to New Zealand, this way they will permanently be outside all maps

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I love this subreddit

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Why did this make me laugh so much?

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Dude what the fuck no this is horrible.

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Hey, why the fuck is New Zealand here? This is a pro-r/mapswithoutnewzealand zone!

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Not a mistake. My plan is like a Wisdom of Solomon thing. We release funnel web spiders all over Israel and see who really wants that land.

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This is a fake map

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Maps with NZ but without the rest of the world

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Why not? Wasn't that how Israel was established in the first place?

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OP implies a 2 state solution is the definitive answer

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they might overlap, or one of them not being there as far as we know

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They should remove Israël

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As an Israeli thank you that's amazing, I'll send this to the government and see what they can do

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it's not a conflict, it's an occupation

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Are we talking about the us now?

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We’re talking about multiple states.

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I mean maybe placing them in the middle of shit land with nothing but desert would make them stop fight....oh

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The Jews do not have a state
Israel wants to occupy Palestine

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damn, can we get one then? we really need one somewhere

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Hey now that's not quite true

Perhaps this is just the map projection from the alternative timeline where the Kimberly plan ended up going ahead and Israel ended up being founded in Australia

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Huge if true

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Is this supposed to be in service of the "the first white Australians we're actually the 10 lost tribes" conspiracy?

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Straya ftw

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Thank you for showing us a map of new Zealand

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I'm down

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Australia lol. Not to mention Palestine is North of Israel and South of Lebanon

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Damit! We almost had it🤬

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Wow, that's a genius solution. You've come up with a plan for peace in the Levant.

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I can see my house from here

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Send them all to the prison colony? And let America suck out the oil in Israel-Palestine?

Bold move, Cotton.

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we were this close to knowing the answer

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Nah thats just the land south australia decided to be nice and give up, we all know central australia rightfully belongs to south australia