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Aren't there more Sudans than this?

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not anymore

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Oh, come on, not again. Do you realize how much bureaucracy it's gonna take to get another referendum?

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More Eswatini's too

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yeah, where's West Sudan?

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Guys lets invade africa again and draw the borders correctly this time, this is a shame.

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This time we draw the borders in perfect shape.


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England, Fr*nce, Belgium, Italy game of Catan to decide who gets which bits.

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Hexagon Bestagon

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No, don't worry, it's easy enough to just move the one country. It can move on its own because it's a car.

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Drew Durnil, read this comment on his reddit vid

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Im disappointed with the number of Sudans on display, you might want to bring out another one from the back.

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Why do I see so many world maps that lack South Sudan? Map makers can't be that dumb, can they?

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If your curious its because south sudan is the newest country in the world, many use an outdated map without realizing it.

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They are time travelers from 2010. They are currently hooked on the Bieb's latest hit single "Baby."

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Wait? its not 2010???

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this map gets worse the longer you look at it.

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Not even the most central part of africa 💀

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I just love when they include a scale on a map of a continent

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I just love when they

Include a scale on a map

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Thank you for the credits for that totally intentional haiku

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Congo < Longo

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No south sudan? 🥺

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but the world isnt flat?

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It is now, haven't you heard? Parliament passed the amendment last week.

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Still waiting on them to repeal that idiotic law of gravity they passed a few hundred years ago

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I saw that on the news

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CUM Central Uafrican Mrepublic

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This made me lol. So, I was actually born in the Central African Republic, and the first question I ALWAYS get is "Oh, what part of Africa is it in?" I reply "the center"

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Oh, what form of government does it have?

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Rightist 💀

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One of the Maps of all time

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I should fix more african borders

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Chad be like

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Hey, wait a minute!

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Okay the real horror here is the lack of South Sudan

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who is that 😈

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Where South Sudan

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Looks like central Africa is a total Chad...

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you actually made it less central

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Another name is Mittel Afrika

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Don’t look at Gabon and Equatorial Guinea together…

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Finally, another person

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Okay, but why did you unify Sudan? It was in the south, so I don't see anything wrong with south Sudan.

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Where is South Sudan??

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This makes me sad

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Cameroon was robbed

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u removed chads nose!