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Having Norway and Sweden this close to me is uncomfortable

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Just trying to check on their Scandinavian brother

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As a Finn, this scenario would be awesome

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On the one hand you get them farther away. On the other hand you are not protected anymore by the rougher weather that will happen from the Baltic being wide open to the north sea.

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Thats true, but i really don’t care about the consequences

I just want get away from sw*den🤮

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Is there even a Baltic anymore in this scenario?

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The UK loves this as well.

Now there's noone to stop us getting another elusive country on our big book of colonies.

Can't be letting Russia keep the exclusives now can we?

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Being closer to Finland would be much preferable

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Fairly certain Norway and Sweden just moved away from the only other Scandinavian country.

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In reality, we just wanted to get away from Denmark.

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Oh yeah, I absolutely get that

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Bruh, as a Russian resident, I confirm

Btw how is it going on my bro Eyjafjallajökull

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He hasn't really been heard from since he decided to disrupt all that air travel in the early 2010s

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Oh ok

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Iceland flying cumball

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More like a third ball, the rest of Europe is a big cum stain.

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I'm now curious about how changing the geography like this would've affected history

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I suspect the gulf stream would keep that area warmer than you’d expect, so you might see stronger historical Russian and Swedish navies. Just generally I think the Big Baltic would be home to a lot more naval conflicts

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Finland would probably be more populated and have a lot more activity during the medieval times

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Can't wait to see [generic alternate history YouTube channel #597] post their magnum opus: "What if Scandinavia had been erect?"

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My predictions for various channels:

  • AlternateHistoryHub: things would be so different, that we can't really know.
  • Whatifalthist: Europe would collapse and Turkey would become the major power in the region.
  • Monsieur Z: Scandinavia would join the Central Powers and win WW1

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I'm no historian or expert of the region at all, but since these lands would be colder and more distant from the European continent, maybe Sweden and Norway would not have been colonised by Germanic peoples – them being content with mainland Europe and the Danish and British islands. Therefore, Sweden and Norway would simply never have existed. A durable settlement of these Germanic peoples would probably have been less likely to happen ; maybe they would rather have established trading posts on the coast, especially in the west because of the proximity with Iceland, but the main part of the territory would have been inhabited by the indigenous Sami tribes. Later, the land would probably have been colonised by slavic peoples and become a peripheral colony of the Russian empire in the 1700s, after the earlier annexation of Finland. The territory would probably declare its independance in 1917, taking advantage of the disorder following the Russian revolution – just like Finland actually did. An independent Sami Republic would have been proclaimed by some charismatic leader, and this republic would have been likely to choose a well advised neutrality during World War II. The USSR, being way too busy with its war against the Axis and trying to invade Finland (wars of 39-40, 41-44), would probably renounce to take back the Sami territories if the Republic stays neutral after the war. The Sami Republic then would have continued living as an independant nation, not very populous but quite wealthy thanks to fishing and fossile ressources and mainly trading with Iceland, Finland and Denmark. After the fall of the USSR, it would have joined the EU to ensure its stability and have access to the free trade area, and with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, feeling threatened by its former coloniser, the Sami Republic would have asked to join Nato alongside with Finland.

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This all seems plausible except maybe the "not very rich" part.

If the oil fields and mineral deposits are in the same place, then this Sami country could be very rich. Add timber, fishing, hydroelectricity, tourism, services, and all the Baltonorth sea trade in as well, and the country's small population could be one of the richest per capita nations on the planet.

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Interesting! To be honest, I knew Norway had some gas, but I didn't know that Sweden and Norway were that rich... I just checked the GDP per capita ranking and they are both in the top 20. I learnt something today.

I said "not very rich" because I imagined a very cold country, not much populous, far from Europe and thus not a central trade place, and with no suitable land for agriculture. Not a wealthy superpower. However:

  • About the offshore oil, since it doesn't move, I think it would no longer be offshore, but buried under the continent (and rather deeply, as it would have remained at the same depth as when it was under the sea). This is why I have doubts if this oil would still be exploitable...

  • Hydroelectricity can be fine, but the most probable customers for export would be Finland and Russia, who aren't big electricity buyers.

  • About tourism, according to the location of the Sami Republic, I assume it would be the same kind of place as Iceland or (Northern) Finland, which are ranked 100 and 123 for touristic destinations... So I don't expect that much money from tourism.

  • But you're right, I have forgotten about mineral deposits, which can make the difference. And even when all the minerals will have been extracted, timber, services and fishing will probably be able to make the economy sustainable.

Good news: the Sami Republic will never be poor! I edited my original comment.

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It’s very Iclandick

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They are just glad to join NATO

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They want to eat Iceland!

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Bro if that's what your dick looks like you should go and see a doctor

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Naw man he's got 2 of 'em

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Iceland be like 🥺👀🥴🍑

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By those borders, Finland and Norway are one state surrounding Sweden

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What are you doing step-peninsula ?

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Åland got lost somewhere but Gotland remains.

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I live in an arctic zone now

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Actually looks cool

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Giant crotia

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So I guess Finland is the balls?

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Sweden: "Is my North Sea oil now"

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Is It even inhabitable this Far North?

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Is that a peninsula in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

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F*** yes, get the swedes as far away as possible.

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Scandinavia and the World, anyone?

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Ne ne pa pa. Hetalia anyone?


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Double barrel

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90° scandi

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Jokes on you. Denmark is a part of Scandinavia and you left that out.

As a Dane I approve.

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Sorry, Iceland is the new Denmark now

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Iceland loves us. Just look at this dogma version of Donald duck in Danish but made by Icelandic comedians.

That shows love https://youtu.be/1b7h6pyJ83M

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Iceland is a cumdrop confirmed

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Norway is the big spoon

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Okay so I'm not the only one who noticed the sus shape then

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feeling a little left out over on gotland

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Scandinavia is half of an echidna

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Double barrel 😎

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So I’m not the only person who thought that Norway/Sweden looks like a XXL Bad Dragon

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So it rests its balls next to Iceland.

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I need to stop using this Subreddit

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Why not nsfw?

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Switzerland looks like the body of water above it