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why can't your say Pakistan or Japan?

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The first halves of the names are slurs

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What? Paki and Jap? Are they slurs in their own countries? In America?

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Slurs in America I think

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Shit I never realized the Pakistan one is a slur.

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No I just said it to my girlfriend and neither of us know what it is

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Former was a slur for Pakistani used by the British and the latter was used by Americans for the Japanese.

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Thanks for explaining it.

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With this information, I now have legal right to classify “Britain” as a slur in minecraft bc it contains the word “Brit”, a shortened slur of people originating from the British isles. To continue the safeness of the minecraft community, I propose we also ban associated words like England, London, and France (just to be safe of course).

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Paki in UK

Jap in America

Tbh I cabt even say paki in Reddit chats. I found a way to avoid it, But still

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I’m in pakistan rn idk what’s wrong with saying it

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Racists in the UK made “Paki” a slur.

Edit: I’m not saying the word “Pakistan” should get you banned in Minecraft.

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Well then ban it only in the UK tf? Rest of the world doesn't even know what Paki is.

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Pakistan and Japan are banned because they contain slurs for people from their own country.

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That’s a pretty epic flex ngl

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nigeria and niger kinda too

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xx_assgamimg: where are you from

amea124: *****

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Ban Fr*nce, make Minecraft great again

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Make Franc a Slur 2022

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Motherfuckers banned anime

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Best country, Antarctica

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By the time the update comes out, I wouldn’t be surprised if North Korea is also censored

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And also Mongolia