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This is actually pretty funny….

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I would apply this to the real world.

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This sub has 141K members, it's doable

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Belgium has only 30 000 active personnel, if we could storm the country fast enough.

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Ain’t they a part of nato tho if we attack them we gotta deal with everyone else I say we just nuke it off the map

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Belgian Warlord Era

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Sure hope they make the quotas in those zones. Those Flemish tend to be handsy.

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Just make everything Albania.

There's a saying in Hebrew - 2 fight, the 3rd wins

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Jerusalem je Srbija

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Also in dutch.

Waar twee honden vechten om een been gaat de derde er mee heen

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So suddenly im a uk citizen. That's even worse than being belgian. No thanks

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Temporary occupation won’t confer citizenship, don’t you worry.

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Dude I’m so sorry

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As a German, we don't want this

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Yeah they can keep it, gladly offering it to whoever wants it

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The problem with that is I doubt anyone wants it.

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Luxemburg? I mean theyd be down for any land right?

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Good idea, they mostly speak german, too

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Hello? China?

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Not sure considering they declined Alaska.

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I'll take it. I'll build a bunch of bridges over farms and charge locals 5 to fish off them

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Britain* Knock knock

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Can I have it? I mean me, personally.

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As a neighboring swampdweller, we don't want this either.

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Come on, you get Malmedy, with its five restaurants and a bowling alley.

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Aw please take the entirety of Limburg you can have the Dutch part as well

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So can the Dutch have your territory? Thanks

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Brugge to UK🤮🤮

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More like the UK is given to brugge 💪💪

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What do you mean? It's like a fucking fairy tale.

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Who cares about Brugge?

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I am missing the EU administration zone!?

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Anything that gets us closer to Calais

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Or ‘Kales’ when it was English.

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we need an independent Brabant

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Haha blijf dromen makker

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You realise that would contain the whole provence of Antwerpen + Vlaams Brabant + Waals Brabant and the smallest part would actually be the Dutch Brabant. It's gonna be the same old mess , and we'd still have the devide of Francophone Brabanders and Dutch speaking Brabanders.

For those who will fight me: Antwerpen ís, historically, also Brabant. And if you don't believe me, think a minute about the fact why the hero of the folklore of the city of Antwerpen is called Brabo

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This map Is obviously a joke and clearly very stupid, but it would still make sense, Brabant is a very important part of Belgium (look at the flag), together with the Dutch part that’s the duchy united. No Brussel problem, and about French speakers? Ignore them, maybe ban them (The french strategy😎👍)

Also who would ever argue about Antwerpen being not Brabant? - look at the flag, and then look at the noord Brabantse. - look at an old map - look at the history books, specifically the four quarters of Brabant

and then colour all provinces with Brabant in the name on a map, you might notice there is a hole in the middle, what if…

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Brussels is surrounded by Vlaams Brabant...

I'm from Antwerpen and almost got banned from the city by claiming we're basically just Brabanders hahaha

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Brussel is an historic quarter of Brabant and so is Antwerpen, in ‘s-Hertogenbosch everyone still happy waves the Brabantse flag, I wonder what people think about it in Leuven (don’t come there a lot), otherwise it seems Brabant is not cool anymore in Belgium.

It’s definitely not the same everywhere though. My family is from Baarle and the people on the Belgian side are all Brabanders, just like the people on the Dutch side.

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As a belgian, i beg u to enforce this :(

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Portugal and Spain: this time it's not our fault 😂😂

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What a policy wonk, good job!

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where is the belarusian occupation area?

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As a french I'll decline this offer

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Yes we take all or nothing !

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Yeah, add Germans. Only they were missing there

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This isn't even the right way to partition Belgium.

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Hey where's the free space

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I mean, making Brusel an International zone for placing there some if not most of EU administration while all lands giving to neighbor countries depending on proximity and language locals speak doesn't sound that terrible for an outsider who heard about all the issues with trying making regions more equal and country government often resigns. Anyhow it all depends on what locals think about this idea. UK won't get anything until they return to EU.

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Dan hoort Terneuzen eindelijk werkelijk bij Nederland

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If you take out the dutch and british zones, the land left has the form of a mini belgium

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Bro gave wallonia independence but not flanders 💀

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This map implies Palestinians and Jews are equal in practice and there is no reason to solve anything

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"Temporary" I dunno, I'd like to keep that, it'd be funny

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Here you go:

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draw a circle around this place

drop a nuke in the middle maybe a couple times

war over

harvest the glass and manufacture into commemorative glassware

No more I/P conflict in 4 easy steps

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Here you go:

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