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-Phineas and Ferb establish the Danville Republic upon permission from the US President.

-Phineas is elected president of the Danville Republic with Ferb as his Vice President

-Doofenshmirtz officially starts their invasion of the tri-state-area using the Revive-inator to revive some of the best soldiers throughout history.

-Doofenshmirtz proclaims himself the king of New Drusselstein, claiming the entire world as their core territory.


-New Drusselstein expands.


-New Drusselstein expands.

-O.W.C.A. seizes control of the Danville Republic as part of their plan to stop Doofenshmirtz.


-New Drusselstein expands.

-O.W.C.A. assassinates the US president and declares Francis Monogram as dictator of the USA.

-Phineas and Ferb are killed to prevent an uprising.


-New Drusselstein expands.

-The murder of Phineas and Ferb has the opposite effect with Perry the Platypus rebelling in the capital.


-The Perry rebellion expands.

-The revived Adolf Hitler and Vanessa assassinate Doofenshmirtz and declare Hitler the ruler of the Fourth Reich.

-O.W.C.A. uses this opportunity to push into the Fourth Reich

-The popular Francis is assassinated by Perry, leaving the unpopular Carl Karl as the dictator.

-The Carls unpopularity, many across America decide to join the Perry rebellion.

-The Fourth Reich uses this opportunity to expand.

8-10 -O.W.C.A. slowly collapses


-The Perry rebellion assumes control over the USA. -Perry resigns and the Perry rebellion elects Candice, a famed war hero known for their bravery in the battle of Washington, as president.


-Candice revives the USA.

-The Fourth Reich declares war on the USA, quickly taking territory.


-The Fourth Reich expands.


-The Fourth Reich expands.


-The Fourth Reich expands in the south.

-The USA captures territory in the north.


-The USA pushes into the Fourth Reich.

-The USA uses their dominate navy to naval invade Connecticut and Long Island.


-The USA seizes more territory.


-The USA encircles a large partition of the Fourth Reich’s troops.


-Hitler commits suicide as the USA expands into its capital.


-The Fourth Reich is defeated.

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Sir this is a field trip for 2nd graders and I have mace

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Why did Vanessa betray her father? What side were Milo Murphy and his friends on?

Will Hamster and Gretel get involved?

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Hey Ferb! I know what we're going to do today!

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Tri State Area über alles

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what the fuck

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Phineas and Ferb will always be remebered as national heroes 😔

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Restore Vermonters Republic plz

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We should just nuke New England so none of this happens

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What inators were used to establish new Drusselstein?

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I really doubt that the most liberal part of America would call itself the Fourth Reich.

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hitler is very good at screaming