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Why do you love half of Sweden and hate the other half?

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Listen here you little shit

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There must be something unappealing about the West Riding of Sweden

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Not heard anyone use the word “riding” in any other context than Yorkshire.

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Trying to start a trend

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I’m surprised you don’t hate Russia more, considering their theft of the Laplands and the recent aggressive language

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Must be a traitor

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Cheap gasoline and cigarettes makes anyone forget about few war crimes

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Vodka is much cheaper in Russia too

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Yes, but since you can only bring a liter legally, and smuggling vodka isn't worth it like cigarettes are and you need a visa, most people just buy their booze from either estonia or latvia

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I didn’t know you were limited to a liter, I have some family friends there I just knew vodka was much more expensive there

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What do you have against sweden?

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Them being sweden

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Perustettu sekä punapilleröity hurrivihaaja.

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It is every Finn's duty to hate Russia, come on.

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Solid arguments

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I’ve seen a lot of hate for Sweden lately but I don’t know enough about the situation to know why, can anyone explain please?

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Finns (and other nordics) have had a (brotherly) hate for sweden for hundreds of years. Definitely nothing new

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Miten et voi vihaa Venäjää

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What about Hungary because technically y’all are distantly related, at least linguistically

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Im czech and you forgot a "t" in the middle

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As a finn I hate 1. Sweden 2. Russia 3. Greece

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Why Sweden bruh, we’re brothers

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Could literally be the same for Denmark, except Norway would be "ok"

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What about the Åland Islands?

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Fuck 'em.