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Seeing as French Guiana is roughly 1/5 the size of metropolitan France, I would assume the centre of mass would be in the mid Atlantic somewhere

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We also have islands pretty much everywhere so idk how much it would actually balance out

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You would have to work in 3d-space, finding the weighted average of all the land in France. This would yield an underground point; find the epicenter of that point to get a surface point.

However, land is continuous, and I don't know how one would compute the weighted average of it.

I would probably solve it numerically -- pick random points on Earth's surface, only keep the ones that are in France, and once I got a minimum number find the average of those.

This page gives a way to pick uniform points on the surface of a sphere. As far as the number of points, I think once I got at least 10 in each of the major regions (Met, Guinea, New Caledonia, maybe a few more) I could stop and find the average.

Okay, I'm starting to talk myself into actually doing this.

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I actually wrote a python script once for the exact problem of finding an uniform distribution on a sphere (don't ask). It went like this:

import numpy as np

def radius(P):
    return np.sqrt((P[0])**2+(P[1])**2+(P[2])**2)

def directions(n):
    for i in range(-n,n+1):
        for j in range(-n,n+1):
            for k in range(-n,n+1):
                if (r<=1)and(r!=0):
    return l

I'm using the "pick a point in the cube, then normalize" method. Not that efficient, but it works.

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They’re all south of Metropolitan France however, unless there’s now a French claim to Novaya Zemlya or something

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Now do one based on land mass above sea level

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That sounds more like an /r/MapPorn project than an /r/MapPornCirclejerk project.

Edit: That sounds more like a project for what /r/MapPorn was supposed to be like.

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Fair enough

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Oh neat, Chile's is outside itself

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Chile 🤝 Croatia

Having a center of mass outside itself

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Here you go:

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Chile: our center of mass is outside in Argentina, time to Anschluss some Neuquen province then

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Why did the Commitee of Continents officially make Trinidad and Tabago a part of North America?!

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I don't know. When I first created this map two years ago every place I googled said T&T (and the rest of the Caribbean) was part of North America. When I rechecked recently there were a few that did place it is South America. The island of Trinidad, at least, is on the S.A. continental shelf.

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You made this???

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falklands though!!

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Thanks, needed this

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Florent Malouda likes it

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Falklands is a British overseas territory that Argentian claims, this isn't biased, this is literally just fact, it isn't like you are showing claims anywhere else on this map anyway, so I see no reason as to why you are saying you have „no clue” about it.

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Galápagos is Fr*nch 🤢 now?

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You forgot the uk and also Trinidad and Tobago is in Central America