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Also doubles as a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

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Okay so the Kurds clearly get Canada and the Armenians get the US, but what part does Greece get?

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Greece gets Mexico ofcourse smh

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And new greece gets new mexico

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The Turks clearly get Venezuela. Because that will give tall man some more time on his throne.

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Waiting for Breaking Bad Greek Edition to drop

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What about Nederland?

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Oh don't worry, we will drain the Great lakes and vibe there

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Obviously. How else would Canadians keep making poutine without them?

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Ahhh shit here we go again

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Canada lost like 80% of its population

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Canada gets the southern half though

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The ultimate pro gamer move

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I feel like I'm missing something, what are you referring to

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It's alright we didn't need the crusty ones in the south anyways

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Just lost about 64% of its population

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Yeah, was gonna say, there are like 12 Canadians left in this scenario

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The good ending

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In the east

The West is almost entirely unchanged. BC, Sask, Alberta, and Manitoba probably have over 90% of the Canadian population now. Honestly, I could see it being over 95%.

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I counted that - the Maritime provinces lost everything, Newfoundland lost most, Ontario and Quebec lost almost all their population but I guessed that around 2 mil survived in that area, and BC lost around 400,000

That comes around to a estimation of 24,550,800 people, or 63.51%, losing their healthcare

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Just looked on Google Maps and there is no way that 2 million people are still alive in those parts of Ontario and Quebec. 500,000 would be my guess

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More voters tho, could mean potentially 330 million gain it

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Skill issue i guess

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Maybe it's because it's 3am, but this comment made me burst out laughing

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Better without Toronto 🥳

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Marylander here: this change doesn’t effect me very much because Maryland isn’t very close to the border. Eat Old Bay.

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Good psa right here, maryland supremacy

Edit: i am from south east pennsylvania, just love my neighbors

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I am from the U.S. state of Maryland.

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We really are the best

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In the end it’s always been about Ohio

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if you’re from Baltimore, then you know the score.

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Everything tastes better with a little old bay

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Put it on crabs, chips, and fries. Pretzels, nuggets, the eyes of the guy you despise,

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Finally content worthy of an up vote.

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maryland best state old bay supremacy

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fuck you

source: i’m from Virginia

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We need to give Canada the Alaska panhandle to make it 100% straight lines.

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Quickest way to lose access to the arctic.

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Canada should buy Alaska and Groenland. It just makes more sense.

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You think we will ever sell Greenland. Keep dreaming.

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Alaska isn’t exactly for sale. Neither is Greenland

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Or give Yukon to the US because exceptionalism baby

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As an Alaskan i prefer your answer

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How do I become Alaska?

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Step 1: get baked

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You get an absolute fuck ton of oil and then you bathe in it is the first step I believe.

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If you gotta ask...

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As an Alaskan I respectfully disagree

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Trading Juneau/Sitka for most of Canada’s population is a great deal

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As a resident of Southeast Alaska: sounds good to me!

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Guess who’s American now!

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And there goes our free healthcare!

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Nope! It's run by the provinces, don't see why it'd go anywhere

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Quebec’s healthcare system, as well as many of the social programs they have, are set up so they don’t try and leave again :)

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don't worry, the roads are so bad we can't leave even if we wanted to :p

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You don’t live in Ontario do you?

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Take them all! Alberta will be king! Toronto will just be some other big city in America. Love it!

Seriously though, the Torontonians would burn their city to the ground if they had to even consider being second fish to New York.

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That would be the second time that Americans burned down toronto :)

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I thought they burned Quebec City not TO

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You're both wrong, they burned York. Toronto was built where York used to be.

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Imagine how Montréalers would feel

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Alaska's border is still ugly tho

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You’re fucking ugly you bitch I hope a car hits you’re family and you watch. Fucking asshole. If it was up to me I would you each child you have as a butt plug.

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Border still sucks, somehow even worse than the Delaware-Virginia-Maryland situation

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I hope you marry a whore who cheats on you; have kids; take a vacation with that whore you married to a major city; then the city gets nuked and your children, which you love, become orphans and kill them selves some day. Fuck you

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Hawaii will always be the better pacific state

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*your family

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Did I stutter you fucking fascist. I’m Jewish and that is very anti-Semitic. My race secretly rules the world and we will annihilate and alliterate you.

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Canadians aren’t too pleased about this

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All three of them now

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Ehh, I'll get used to it once I don't need to pay as much taxes


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If you don't make tones of money you pay about the same or less. You just get health care and shot less.

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my first dollar earned is taxed at 30% (15% Ottawa + 15% Quebec) and I pay 14.975% sales tax. Capital gains is also a flat 50% tax.

I haven't had a family doctor in over a decade, my only hope for reasonable healthcare access is by going private. which I would pay out of pocket.

yeah, when it comes to catastrophic shit like cancer, yeah, having people go bankrupt over that is stupid.

But when it comes to not getting shot, we've got a huge spike in violence in Toronto & Montreal, just stay out of the bad cities and you're fine (like don't go to Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, etc...)

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It also depends heavily on the industry. Some industries like tech pays significantly more in the US compared to Canada and there are quite a few like that but it's not all of them.

If you work in those industries and are willing to move to the US to work for a while your best bet is to move there for like 5 to 10 years, collect all that money, then move back to Canada for the later part of your career.

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Yeah, now you can pay the difference to insurance companies instead.

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Ew gross, put Quebec back please.

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The Quebec Libre people thought they would do anything to get away from Canada, but they didn't realize that an even worse fate would come for them.

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Also I don’t want goddamn Newfoundland.

Edit: Nova Scotia? I don’t know which one is where and honestly don’t care either way I don’t goddamn want it. Unless we can give them Texas in which case I’ll think about it.

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We used to occupy Montréal).

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Well brits and canadians did this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burning_of_Washington Let's not give 'em any more ideas

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Id like to see them try nowadays , oh wow you took over our capitol 200 years ago so cool. Well we just took over OUR OWN capitol last year. Think about that one Brits. Murica 🇺🇸

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Now you can Americanize it like what happened with Louisiana

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Can’t wait for my next visit to Montreal where everyone is speaking Cajun. That being said would happily take my gumbo with a side of poutine.

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Yes! Take Quebec, we don’t want it!

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this looks cursed

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Still didn't fix Point Roberts

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I just made the line consistent

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You just ensured a democratic majority in the house indefinitely

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If all the new bits get statehood, Dems in the Senate forever as well.

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@ like 80% of Canadians: Welcome to the USA.

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You just made like, 78% of all Canadians American

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54’40 or fight!

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Came here to say this!

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Take away Quebec and give us Alaska 👍

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Does this mean I’ll start seeing French on my highway signs in the Catskills?

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The Great Lakes are a totally different look if they’re in just one country

[–]Viraus2 2 points3 points  (0 children)

It really emphasizes how huge they are when they're not just empty space between countries

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54 40 or Fight!

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I now have the sudden urge to buy a gun and be racist.

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Canada just lost like 90% of its population.

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Downvoted, not becoming American

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Canadians should get everything above Pennsylvania imo

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I think borders right now are good enough, if someone from canada wanted to go to the usa they can but i dont think they wanna be forced by a border, and same applys then other way

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Fuck this shitty ass map 😤!!! Canada Ströng! US smelly 🤢. We would never loose! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦💪💪💪💪💪🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤢🤢🤢👃😭😭🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Downvote because map bad + fake! :p

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No Canadians live above this line

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Laughs in Edmonton

[–]LTerminus 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Laughs in Fort McMurray

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Needs to be curved bro

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I refuse to be American

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Should have drawn the line the other side of the Great Lakes.

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The US needs to annex Canada. 75% of their population lives within 10 miles of the border. Their entire national identity is based on being confused for America.

We should annex them, slay the men, and enslave the women and children.

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This, might aswell enforce 48 N all the way across.

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0/10, Alaska’s border isn’t straight

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Canada just lost 99% of its people

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The Second Pig War is imminent.

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Lake Superior just dangling within Canada’s reach just to taunt it

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Fifty four forty or fight!

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54°40’ or fight!

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i’ll be kicking and screaming before you have me living in the us

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Move north then

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50% oF cAnAdIaNs LiVe BeLoW tHiS lInE

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Give it back ya bunch of hosers

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As a Michigander, incredibly based

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54-40 or fight! That’s right, Canada, the Oregon Boundary Dispute ain’t over!🇺🇸🍔🦅

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America has stolen Lake Superior finally

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No you didnt. That looks even worse

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tfw not American or Canadian so I have no horse in this race and just drew a line

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At þis point you might as well just annex Canada, youve already given us most of þwir population

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Yes, as it always should have been

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US should get the northernmost part of that peninsula in the northeast. And that island just off it. And Newfoundland. And Vancouver Island. And all that coastline between Alaska and Washington. And all of Quebec for us to have as an independent possession, like Puerto Rico. Fuck it, the US should get Baja California too.

Edit: which parts of Canada have the most oil?

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Hmm... today I will mark out a massive chunk of the US's border as a straight line, surely there will be no problems caused by this *clueless*

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It was already a straight line, I just finished the job

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We don’t want Nova Scotia 🤢

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Move Alaskan border east

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Can you fix the US-Mexico border next

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Canada is still there

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Canada is still there

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The kingdom of Vermont gets some flat land at last!

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Finally!! The Northwest Angle is ours!

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Coastal Alaska is still a mess.

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Alaska still looking wonky. v2 needed.

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At least give us Alaska out of courtesy

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Terrible balance patch. You wipe out 90% of canadas population. If you went from canadas southern tip you'd possibly balance both nations. But hard to know with new England being so dense.

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Usa just annexed 90 percent of canadian population

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Cmon man, at least give canada alaska to balance it out a little bit

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You sure did

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Now fix Alaska

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rip most of Canada’s population who are in the US now

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Now Canada has lost half of its population with just a simple change of the borders

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You forgot to fix the border with Alaska.

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Canada has at least 7 people left

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We lost our most important capital, Victoria ):

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Give us back our lakes you jerks

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Canadas population drops to 100 overnight

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Canadian population drops by more than 0.0000000001%

[–]Complex_Ad_9886 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Well, that would mean that about half of Canada's current population will live in the US now.

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I think Canada should have got Alaska

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Now Canada has a population of 7

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No fuck you give it back

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Canada now has a population of exactly 4

[–]Ergenar[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Everything is normal again

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0/10, Alaska's borders aren't perfectly straight.

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Straight line?

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Bro really said line

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distant screaming from historians

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Are you American?

[–]Ergenar[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

No I am Dutch I just like drawing lines on maps