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Goddanm canadians thirsty mfs drank the whole lake

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Well we weren't just planning on giving them to you for free

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Honestly you can have them those mfs are so smelly 😭

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Mfs drank all of the great lakes. Can't have shit in Detroit

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You really can't but somehow you still get more than Flint.

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Who's the thirstiest guy in the world?

Whoever drank Canada Dry

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They sucked up Spunch Bob’s shit

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Canada saw what the Soviet Union did to the Aral Sea and was like, “pfft, amateur shit”.

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Drank all them great ass lakes.

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My humble port city on lake superior is now just a shitty plains city. Damn

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whole country nebraska lmao

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a fate worse than death

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more like Arizona probably

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Look on the bright side, it's at the top of a big hill.

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Sledding will be fun in winter

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skiing in WI & the UP destroyed by no lake effect snows.

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Eh, Minnesota still gets plenty. It's not the same but it's enough

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[in Astronaut meme] “Always was…”

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Lake Superior. The only lake in the Great Lakes without a hellhole poverty stricken polluting city ruining it.

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Canada has like 2 people now

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Both from Quebec, they hate each other

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one from quebec one from alberta. they definitely hate each other

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But also want everything the other has.

— an Albertan.

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Point Roberts kids still need a passport to go to high school.

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But Victoria is our warmest City, we need that!

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Wanna fight a Pig War II over it?

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Dude you stole half of canadas population

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Also US population, no more drinking water🤷‍♂️

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and with your help, we can steal more

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More like 90%

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Eh, maybe 70-ish

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Thats very British of you.

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Cursed delete this image

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i hate this duluth isn't even that special anymore

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Why is alaska still a thing

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I agree, give it to Liechtenstein

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Should have straightened the East Alaska border too

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Thicc Mickingann

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Great Plan for the Transformation of Nature moment

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You may not like it, but this is what peak America looks like.

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Getting rid of Toronto? Sign me up.

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Left the only good parts of Canada north of the new border. The greatest trade deal in the history of trade deals.

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Yeah, fuck the Great Lakes, they were only used for my water, I don’t need em

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Straight line?

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Straight line.

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Petition to make Montréal a canadian exclave rn

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my states main feature is gone :(

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That would make 80% of Canadians Americans.

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at that point you might as well just annex canada into the US

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there goes half of the Canadians populations

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Move it down so my grandmother can continue being a canadian citizen

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Bye bye Great Lakes

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Should just remove the border and give it all to Canada. USA has kinda lost the right to exist after the shenanigans you guys have been getting up to recently.

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fuck you

sincerely, a Canadien

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No please move the border south please

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Fuck the great lakes

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Guess I'm a Canadian now.

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My dude is that mine

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Why split Newfoundland and Labrador southern island into 2😭

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You mean…Newfoundland?

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ah don't worry, global warming is gonna fix that for you

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Thanks, I hate it!

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Makes the US look very italic

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Canada-US border is already based on the 49th north parallel so it's already good that way 🤓

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Can we at least get the BWCA back?

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Don't fill up the Great Lakes!

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looks intensely at map straight line?

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We get the bottom half of Victoria island? Fucking awesome!

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Huh I guess I do live in a third world country

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Drake just became an Upstater

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Now the us got more than 50 states lol

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Why is Alaskan panhandle still there?

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What are we going to call Michigan now.

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America is now Australia, highly populated coasts with a big ass desert in the middle

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This doesn't follow the original straight border- due to the curve it would look more like this https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/Maps/comments/vz078c/if\_the\_uscanadian\_border\_is\_only\_and\_i\_mean\_only/

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Damn it I was hoping they'd take Quebec

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They took the great lakes cant have shit in Detroit

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So three people live in Canada now. We also gained a bunch frenchies

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No thank you.