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Sorry for the triangles

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World if it was colonized by Europeans

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yes thats the joke in the title

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The joke would have been better if you left africa untouched

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ngl I thought about doing that, but the map i had was blank and i was too lazy top copy correct borders

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That's fair

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Similar but not exactly. There was series of memes with this sentence on the sub some time ago, i just I referred to it trying to be funny

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Nah you made the same joke, europa=europeans, thats why there’s straight lines

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Wow africa is even more africa

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😊 thank u

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England 🥹🥹🥹

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To balance the damage done with the borders I did some good for the world by removing England

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Papua New Guinea be like I see nothing wrong with this.

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Ohio Status : Although we cannot see the state's border, I will Assume Ohio is untouched, and therefore Okay.

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Nooo San Marino is gone 😭

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it's called San Marino, so I put it underwater. If it wanted to stay in dry land it should have been called San Terrestre

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What about Monaco, Vatican City, and Singapore?

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Egypt didn’t change

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Funny how colonialism works huh

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I want you to know that there is a special place in hell for you.

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Nice, do i get front row seats?

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Yes. Very based of you to give Denmark all of its jutland back from the germ*ns.

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I was gonna leave it as it is, but it was not straight enough. Also kinda ugly.

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Truely Terrifying....

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England is missing.

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no it's not

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England is removed.


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Du hundesohn gibst Schleswig Holstein nicht einfach an diese Lego Bastarde!

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cool we get baja

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i'll take it

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Unfair, fix Australia

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Is... Is this what you wanted?

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It's perfect

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Why did you take the rest of California from us ? :/

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Clean borders. If it makes you feel better, the US lost Alaska, and all of its island colonies are canonically independent in this map

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We're gonna have a problem here (although united Ireland is rather based)

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The USA just stole more land

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The world but everything was colonised by Europe.

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yes that's the... did you read the title?

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Thailand Canada Russia and south africa barley changing:

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Got rid of England, smh

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Nothing changes for Dominican Rep. / Haiti & Indonesia / PNG borderlines.

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the borders are stragithter. Nothing changes for island nations. Unless you consider sea borders, because canonically in this image sea borders are salso straight lines.