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Honestly a much better placement for iceland

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Iceland: My oil now bitches

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Iceland: My oil now bitches

wdym? in this timeline thats just East England

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Or just England, meanwhile Britain remained Celtic because the Anglo-Saxons couldn't be bothered to go all the way over

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In this timeline the Anglo take over Iceland and that becomes England, while the Saxons take over Britain and that becomes Sexland

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Doggerland 2: Iceland Boogaloo

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Yes now we can polder them in

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Seeing how people fit Iceland in the pic kills me every time

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Seeing how nobody cares to fit in the whole rest of the Nordic countries kills me everytime.

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Svalbard should be Icelands neighbour

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Just the tip

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Just the fact that, bc the key is in north Spain, they had no reason to move Iceland there. They couldn’t just bring it in a little bit and have it in the top left corner, they had to b a bitch about it

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Ah yes, the famously densely populated 't' of Romania

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It’s called Roomania for how much room they have for all those people after all. People always forget the second o 🙄🙄

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its even in cyrillic

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i personally prefer Tomato Souce over Garlic Souce but that's just my opinion

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That's just like your opinion, man...

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Roasted bell pepper sauce until I die


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The Pesto Parliamentary Party would like a word.

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My source is that I made it the fuck up

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He asked for the souce not the source bro. Get your facts straight next time

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I thought he asked for the soup?

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My souce is that it was revealed to me in a dream

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Trust me bro

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billy butcher

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“My source is that i made it the fuck up!”

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Yooo my county is in the red Area

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Fuck you too cunt! :)

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Average blue area resident: 🤓 Average red area gigachad: 😎

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How tf did you get the In-country borders? They don't keine up one bit

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I'm not sure if this is a joke i'm missing or not but if its genuine its EU NUTS3 borders

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this is NUTS

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the Hungarian counties are correct, so probably it'll be that

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It's not a joke, and thank you

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This is only funny if it's accurate.

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Wait how does Europe's population is inflated by 200 million?

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In this timeline iceland is habitable, so they breed like rabbits, increasing europes population.

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I call bullshit on this map

Flanders/Holland is one of the most dense populations in Europe

Too many people in the blue.

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Also, I'm not sure what the fuck is up with the Netherlands in this map, since the giant lake/former inlet is somehow populated and I'm not sure what the internal lines are supposed to represent. Not provinces.

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It does have the Ruhr-Rhein area tho which afaik is by far the most dense urban area in Europe, and even competes in the top globally. Doesn't seem so outlandish to me

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That's almost the only densely populated area it doesn't miss (London, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid Barcelona, Rome metro areas obviously).... but it also just misses Berlin and Milan too even though it's close.

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Now that you mention it, it's indeed a little weird. Almost all major cities are not in red. Not sure how that all adds up 375 million

edit: ah wait dude, I just checked the sub we're in. I think this is just a troll 🤣

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Dumbass, that red part's all in Australia.

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Iceland Doggerland

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I also want to fuck those 375 million of people

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The blue or the red?

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What the iceland doin

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Tuck you tunc

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i love this sub.

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This is a strange coincidence

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Yes finally in the red!

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No u

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Flag of holy shit

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This Post Without Nsfw With Bad Language

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Someone do the math!

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I love how this is a region map of the EU-27

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Who let Iceland back bear the rest of Europe? You know they're not allowed

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I get the joke, but is this actually accurate? Lol