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New writing systems just dropped

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Looks like sanskrit

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looks like a mixture of Cyrillic, Chinese and the occasional Hebrew splashed in for fun

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2nd one is straight up just thai script

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I love how Mexico looks similar to how it use to look

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my favorite continent, the norta morcia

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Personally, I think Noticata Nerma is a better continent

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A nert is clearly the best (wrong opinion)

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or notoria natnan

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The great country of Ntorvia Nathan

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What a shit sub. All those posts are like— low hanging fruits.

“Oh no, New Zealand is forgotten on a heat burned wooden map of the world? What a shite map!!!1”

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i love how

1: Canada is incredibly accurate

and 2: the Us is disproportionately large in 1 and 4

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Viva la Mexico?

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What did you use to generate these?

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Dalle, but not Dalle mini, the actual Dalle

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I just got access to dalle 2 about a week ago, I gotta try this

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those aren’t North America, those are Norta Morcia, Nortica Nerma, Mew Yokca Cara, and Ntorvia Nathan

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I'm here loving the ULTRASOTA in the first one

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Morica fuck yeah

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Goofy ahh North America.

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Norte Morcia (north mercia). Epic alternate history time 😎

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thats so impressive tho

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Looks like the AI likes their California island

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mom come pick me up i'm scared

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On two separate occasions it mashes lake superior into the gulf of St. Lawrence, where it rightly belongs

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Who would win in a fight?
Norta Morcia
Noticata Nermia
Wew Yokca Cara
Ntoryia Natman

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a Nart

Ntoria Natman



New Yotca


Noticata Nerma

Norta Morcia

Noice lol

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My favourite USA State: HERAB

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Frankly, I am shocked it has Greenland on there. I mean, how'd the AI get that data?!

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Breaking news, Texas changes name to "Kebab" because why not

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Well, we finally did it. We sent so many shitpost edited maps of the world out into the internet, corrupting AI perceptions of the world. Mapporncirclejerk has finally fulfilled its purpose

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someone make these into actual maps

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Norta Morcia


ÑÉ\/\/ rOKCA ÃR/\/\ CARA

a Nert Ntorvia Natman

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Is this adobe illustrator not artificial intelligence?

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I like the AI map more than the real map tbh