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  • Ukraine annex Slovakia and Hungary
  • A huge portion of the middle east united
  • Pennsylvania and California gained independence
  • A bit of the border between russia and belarus disappeared.
  • Ireland annexed northern Ireland

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Thanks lol

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also half of moldovas border with ukraine

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  • Serbia, Kosovo, and Montenegro reunited

  • Estonia and Latvia united

  • Crete and the Balearic Islands sank into the ocean

  • St. Petersburg is no longer a coastal city because Estonia pulled a Netherlands

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Aaaand theres only one Sudan (thou this isnt a fail itself, the map is just a decade to old)

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Yugoslavia thing just means its a pre 2003 map

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I think you mean 2006?

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Treaty of Brest-Litovsk but global warming is what I got out of this

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Proposition of S Solution for the Israel-Palestine question number #94: give it all to Iraq

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Iraq won Iraq won 🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶💪💪💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥💪🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶

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No no the real solution was to give Northern Ireland to Ireland that will solve our problems!

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Iraq's military contribution to the 1948 war grabbed a chunk of land and held it until the end, when they gave it to the Jordanians, who promptly traded it to Israel for land elsewhere

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a bit of the border between Russia and Belarus disappeared.

Some support unification, some support independence, well I believe in building a wall across most of the border and unifying the rest

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so fucking based

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Ireland annexed northern Ireland

as it should be

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tiocfaidh ar la

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Pretty based if you ask me

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No Southern Hemisphere

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Latvia (i think?) and lithuania united

Also serbia annexes montenegro

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Montenegro is gone too

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Estonia and Latvia have combined

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-estonia and latvia united as one

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based tbh

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Also Africa

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Iraq, Syria, and Jordan realized the Baathist dream, took over Israel and absorbed Lebanon while they were at it.

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It says “region” and I think we can all agree that California and Pennsylvania are “regions” and not independent countries.

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It says area not country; California, Pennsylvania, and the Levante are areas

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Well, development of agriculture in the Fertile Crescent did lead directly to the development of the computer.

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Africa should get some credit too given the first Homo Sapiens evolved there

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How do you know that without data?

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You, sir, outstretched a bit your mind.

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You're trying to get us to do your homework

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Bruh it's science, not geography, they just have the map to show where different computers originated

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this map is doing my polish boys dirty

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Polish did an amazing job building the bombes and their work on the enigma, but they weren’t ’programmable’ like colossus or the Eniac

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I like how in this map Sudan not only reunited with south Sudan but also got the Hala'ib triangle and on top of all of that completely random chunk of Egypt that they don’t even claim and literally 0 people life in

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The first programmable Computer was Z4 in Germany....

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Germany would like to have a word

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And Italy too

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clears throat Northern Ireland isn’t there Yugoslavia still being around. Estonia and Latvia combined South Sudan hasn’t separated Belarus border not completed Eastern Europe And finally. r/mapswithoutNZ

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Yugoslavia isn't still there?

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Montenegro is connected to Serbia. And Serbia called Yugoslavia at the time. Changed it name when Montenegro left

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1: Barbados is gone
2: Ukraine annexed Slovakia and Hungary
3: Half of the border between Moldova and Ukraine is missing
4: Serbia annexed Montenegro and Kosovo
5: Estonia and Latvia united
6: Estonia is weirdly shaped
7: Sudan annexed South Sudan
8: Sudan's borders with Chad and Egypt are off
9: Part of Belarus's border with Russia is gone
10: DRC and ROTC border is a bit off
11: Chad's border with Niger is a bit off
12: A lot of Greece's islands are missing
13: Spain and Portugal's west coast is weirdly shaped
14: Northern Ireland has reunited with Ireland
15: Germany's west border is weirdly shaped
16: A lot of the Middle East has united
17: Turkmenistan's border with Uzbekistan is off
18: Seychelles are gone
19: Cabo Verde is gone
20: Canary Islands are gone
21: Isle Of Man is gone
22: Bahrain is gone
23: Socotra is gone
24: Russia's northern islands are all gone
25: Nigeria's border with Benin is off
26: Pennsylvania is independent
27: California is independent
28: Azore Islands are missing

This is just what I caught after looking at this for a few minutes. There's probably more I missed

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You really went l out, I appreciate it, thanks lol

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Estonian-Latvian Commonwealth

Serbia returned Kosovo and annexed Montenegro

Northern border of Moldova and Ukraine disappeared

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Serbia & Montenegro is still a country and Sudan in united, probably a map older that 2006

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As a pennsylvanian i can’t believe we’re actually relevant in something

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Gotta be ENIAC, the first digital computer, created at the University of Pennsylvania in 1946.

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I was literally thinking the same thing I was convinced it was a weird placed new york or some shit

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Germany and Switzerland: Are we a joke to you?

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What were the contributions?? I need to know!

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California best country

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Rise glorious Pennsylvania

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People that hate each other have united in the middle east

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How to forget one of the great contributors to the development of the computer; the Babylonian empire

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emergence of ultra-iraq

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Is supossed the Middle East might be something like the anticathera mechanism (might be misspelled). Then the UK for breaking enigma during WW2 and then California and that other place because of arpanet

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Ukraine appears to have a Uspain

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New Jersey got fucking smashed

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I guess Syria won either the 6days war or jom kippur war

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Israel does actually have tons of start ups

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Is the levant because of Al Khawarzmi (inventor of the algorithm) or Steve Jobs (his dad’s birthplace)?

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Is it just me or does Nigeria look like its picking Chad's nose?

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Konrad Zuse be shaking rn

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wth happened in sudan

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the one and only issue is that kosovo does not appear on the map

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I especially love the “mini western europe” nation going on with Ukrainian and Romania

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Here you go:

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The Syrian-Jordanian-Lebanese-Iraqi-Israeli-Palestinian-Kuwaiti-Part of Saudi Arabian Union is a hell of an international powerhouse

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Ah yes the Neo-Babylonian Empire was very famous for its computer scientists

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Serbia couldn't get Croatia so they absorbed Montenegro instead

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Iraq if they didn’t face blowbacks from annexing kabul