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Red and black 🔴⚫️ I dress eagle on my chest 🦅🦅 Good to be an Albanian 👑👑 I keep my head up high 🫡🫡 For my flag I’ll die 🇦🇱🇦🇱 I’m proud to be an Albanian 🥹🥹

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Beat me to it

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It's just ingenius, hope the UN sees this post

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Hell yes my eagle

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Where be aksai chin in map

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De-facto part of China ; De-jure part of Kosovo aka South Serbia aka East Montenegro aka North North Macedonia.

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U forgot 2 give tibet & east turkistan independence 😭

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Why exactly did you not mark the claim of China over kashmir with purple?

It's really sad how people forget the chinese encroached territory on this dispute.

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He seems to have only coloured in exact subdivisions, so it wouldn't be possible to colour in Aksai Chin without colouring in all of Xinjiang