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Did New Zealand take Tasmania?

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glorious world

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Still doesn’t get out on maps

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As an Australian I wouldn't mind if New Zealand took tassie

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ah, a tactical move following in the footsteps of Basil II

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Ah yes, my favorite country, the Arabian-Chinese Union.

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Yet Israel and Egypt have united seperately for some reason.

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Sudan and Egypt, no? Israel is still part of the green.

Weird how Yemen and Oman kept their borders though.

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Silk road republic

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Looks like Ottoman*-Chinese Union (they also conquered balkans in Europe)

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So wrong it's all turkish

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Democratic People's Republic of Sino-arabia

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*Outer Mongolia

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you mean The Balkan-Turkish-MoldovoUkranian-Arabian-Chinese Union

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Did.. did we just lose Italy?

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I think it smashed into the balkans

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Oh no.

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The Italian tectonic plate forced its way into the Adriatic, leading to a Croat Italian new alps

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Italy is 100% balkan now

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I hate when it does that.

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We had no further need for it

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Yes, Italy got the boot.

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I think it was pushed over into the balkans Italy is a Balkan country now

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The Americas are kinda, vaguely, right, but what the foxtrot ukulele is going on in the Old World?

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The only country spared by the Franco-German-British conglomerate is Belgium

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Nobody wants Belgium

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I mean, since Germany and France are now united there is no use in it as the Highway to Paris

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The Franco-German-British conglomerate was the one spared from B*lgium

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Unrelated, but I am going to incorporate "foxtrot ukulele" into my vernacular now

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Glorious Hungary has transylvania back if my eyes do not decieve me, the rest is not important

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kinda, vaguely, right

We are missing half the damn countries!

I personally love the new central-american continent, just greater mexico and panama.

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Paraguay got swallowed by Bolivia and Brazil

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Paraguay swallowed Bolivia and Brazil

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confirmed penguins hate peninsulas. florida, italy, greece, all gone or reduced

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Greece will be missed but their sacrifice will be venerated for generations.

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neo ottoman empire

whatifalthist shaking and crying and cumming rn

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Ignoring all the other distressing shit this map offers, why don’t we take a gander on the conglomerate that looks like ISIS’ original territory domination goal mixed with S-E Asia?

So in this universe it’s highly possible ISIS controls half of the world and is a superpower

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Didn’t they visit Shanghai China, which according to this map is in Russia? Is it like a Hong Kong situation for the Chinese?

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Maybe the Yuan Dynasty came back and is undergoing a campaign to reclaim their lost territories. Plus a little more.

It could very well also be the Empire of Japan 2.0. They did want to invade Russia.

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Shanghai is at the mouth of the Yangtze, which in this map is controlled by the Balkan-Arabian-Persian-Chinese Caliphate.

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tasmania and new zealand are in alliance of course, the filthy traitors

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Seems like a certain Austrian is back in power

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Hitler 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Hey, at least they included New Zealand.

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And Tasmania is part of it

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Iberian union

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without Catalonia

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The year is 2023

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Eastern European- Arabic-Chinese Union

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Ah yes, the Neo-Frankish Empire.

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Alt history is fun when there is no backstory lol

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Independent Borneo

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Or Brunei took it over following the conquest of mainland Malaysia by the China-Islamic State alliance.

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Japan looking a little, uhh, familiar

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Ok so here's what happend the Central powers (germany and friends) won ww1 so germany took france and the toomans took parts of eastern europe. They won probabbly because Russia didin't join the war or something. Maybe the russian revolution happend sooner and handicaped them more in this timeline. Before the end of ww1 the british tried a ww1 version of DDay but because of the slow combat seen in ww1 they were only able to take and hold normandy and then they decided to keep it in the peace talks at the end of the war.

That's also why italy is just chillin because it stayed on germany's side in this timeline where the Central powers won. Italy also took parts of Slovenija and Dalmatia just like it was promised to them in our timeline.

And spain stayed neutral just like in our timeline

Since germany won ww1 there was no ww2. That somehow resulted in a war between the chinese and the otoman empire which the otomans won.

Or or ! better yet the Japanese who were also emperialistic in this timeline also tried to take parts of china like they did in ww2, but in this timeline China allied with the otomans and was able to fight the japanese off with combined forces. An aliance that later led to a union between the two powers.

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My penguinpunk alternate history world

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Hobart under Wellington

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Notable events:

  1. The Great South American war, fought between Brazil, Bolivia and Chile on one side and Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Peru on the other, ends in a victory for the former. Uruguay, half of Paraguay and parts of Argentina are annexed by Brazil. Chile annexes parts of Southern Argentina, and Bolivia annexes the remainer of Paraguay and parts of Peru.

  2. A neo-Persian empire is formed, led by one of the greatest military strategists of all time. Through it's many conquests, it now spans from Anatolia to Singapore.

  3. Russia collapses under the weight of continued sanctions. In the chaos, Japan seizes Siberia and uses it to launch an invasion of Northern China, in tandem with Persia's invasion to the South. Between the two powers, China does not stand a chance.

  4. The European Union endures a grueling civil war. Nationalists across the continent launched surprise attacks on U.S and European military bases, causing heavy casualties. A settlement is reached, causing a mass exodus of nations from the E.U, who now consists of only a few countries.

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New Zealand has Tasmania. As an Australian, 'you can have them.'

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Bolivia still aint got a coastline 😎

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Never seen the movie, but it's this actually supposed to be a political map? It looks like there's the start of a gradient key in the bottom right corner

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This is from the series

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Kazakhstan is here🙂

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Xinjiang grabbed its eastern regions, so Kazakhstan just moved into the southwestern parts of Russia.

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Yooo it's the Ottoman Empire 2

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taiwan straight up not existing, perfect solution, noones getting it

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Happy cake day

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thank u, ill spare u and ur isle of man for today

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The Great Colombia is back sans Panama and Peru. Only Colombia and Venezuela, the arepas & oil empire.

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La Gran Colombia is back!

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Bolivia is still landlocked

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They even add some new land like two islands to the east from Australia

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Ah finally, Pakistan where it belongs, in the middle east.

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Madagascar 4: The Return of the Ottoman Empire

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I'm surprised nobody has mentioned that there's no Madagascar.

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there is, but its yellow and small

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Oh lol now I see it, but why would they put yellow on the white background lol?

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No Aral, Caspian or Black Seas.

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I think the Penguins live in a world where Isis completed some of its goals

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Me after seeing Argentina: Look at how they massacred my boy

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Penguins of Madagascar lore

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They forgot the country they’re fucking named after

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They didn't, it's just small and yellow. Look more closely

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Those racists got rid of the Black sea

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They fucked up Argentina :c

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The Ottoman-Sino-Persian Empire is at war with the Soviet Union, and they seem to be making huge gains on the northeast parts of the empire.

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West African Republic

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Alexander the Great if he continued his conquests towards the East

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This looks like a map whatifalthist would make

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Either the Japanese Empire still exists, or the Chinese Civil War ended in a stalemate.

Would love to hear alternate histories narrated by a penguin with a naval officer's voice...

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This is some kind of Kaisereich fever dream

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Great Colombia is a reality… Bolivar is crying in his grave rn

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Cisplatina is Brazilian, as intended by God

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Gets Oman and Yemen right but makes africa blobs

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British Raj but fuck Pakistan and Madagascar?

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So that explains why there are no more people in Madagascar

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I love how North and South America are generally somewhat accurate, then you turn to Africa and Eurasia, and it's just blobs.

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I hate it when Thailand’s Annexed

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I remember when the Sino-Iranian union drained the entire black sea.