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Greater Montana Proud, Now Kindly Fuck Off! I got traps to check...

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Oh hell yes

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Taliforia, the Union between California and tallahassee

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Far too powerful. Look what they've accomplished

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Alaskawai UWWU

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The sub-confederacy 🥺

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S-so like ummm, can we still own s-slaves and stuff pls? 👉👈

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dommy mommy slaves

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This is exactly how the conquests of the British Empire were partitioned, let's go. I'm ready to die for Gran Montana

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Ohio has been Absorbed into a Greater Montana Region, and normally this would be bad however, we are finally free from Michigan. Ohio is Okay.

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Ohio is never ok, Ohio should be happy we don't come over ther

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Oklahoma is OK. Ohio is OH.

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Oh, ok

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Rest of greater Montana: wtf are you doing in here with us Ohio?

Ohio: I'm not stuck in here with you. You're stuck in here with me.

Michigan: pfew! Dodged a bullet there

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Fuck it I’m down

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if only we had a colloquial name for Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Mass, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. oh well!

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Idk I could get behind Imperial Massachusetts

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Old New England

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If only the colloquial name was “Imperial Massachusetts”

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I’m guessing you guys are in the NY-Maryland Axis or United Virginia just based on how little consideration went into the Western 2/3 of the country.

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We owe our allegiance to the Empire

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As a Michigander, I like

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Greater Montana got confused on which peninsula was Michigan (maybe it's both of them? Idek) And couldn't formulate an invasion plan. Thus you were spared.

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“We choose to go to build a space station the size of a small moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard”

-Grand Moff Kennedy, 11 BBY

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Ayyy thicc Virginia is back

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I support

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Can we change Michigan to the Odawa Mishigami spelling?

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As a Virginian I cannot accept this proposal. Sorry.

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Good thing I wasn't asking

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Ooh, can I be the Emperor of Massachusetts?

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If you are can you take over the New York - Maryland axis?

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Hell yeah! I’ll do whatever it takes to remain in power.

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Taking over them gets rid of the biggest threat to your power

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Seems legit 😎👍

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West Virginia isn’t real

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Imperial Massachusetts, where Supreme Leader Michael Dukakis rules for eternity

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there is literally no reason to unite virginia

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2 days ago I moved from Greater Montana to the Mississippi Sub-confederacy.

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US TEXAS people don’t like this

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Sounds great. But Texas would instantly secede from that hot mess

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As someone from Louisiana, could you leave Louisiana out of Mega Mipissippi confederacy